The Art Store is looking for a new minion!

Jordan is leaving us to pursue his art career. We don’t think he will have much trouble in doing so. His newest works can be seen at the Raven Cafe right now. A talented, skilled and very creative artist that should be followed.

However, we will need to find another minion to offer great customer service in the premier art store of Arizona. This minion/clerk position is for full-time employment. All other applications will be reviewed for any other future positions coming available.

To apply, you only need to do so online by clicking on our contact menu button on theminion-sky front page of our new website. The application menu button will take you to our online application. This new online application is taking over our physical need of a paper-based application. No need to send a portfolio to us……the need is for a clerk, not a working artist.

Have a resume’? Most of our questions can be answered by copying and pasting into our online application’s text boxes. Easy to do. Easy to send to us since we are open 24 hours a day online.

Please do not call or come into the store directly to leave off an application or resume’. We are usually very busy serving the greater northern Arizona area’ art material needs. There will not be a physical application available for you to take. You can email us a digital copy of your resume’ by sending it to Please submit the resume’ referring to your online application already submitted by date.

You will be contacted only upon reviewing your application and the needs of the store.

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