RTV Silicone Molding Services

The Art Store does offer silicone molding of sculptures and other items. Please call or email below to discuss this with the Art Store owner and manager, Keith Kendall.

Kilning Services

The Art Store does offer kilning of ceramic clay up to cone 10. The costs are $60.00 per kiln load. Partial loads are done by cubic inches. If your load is time sensitive, you will need to pay for the full kiln load.

Canvas Stretching Services

The Art Store does offer custom canvas stretching services with the Art Store. Email us your request of materials and size for an estimate of cost.  The options are extensive.

Studio Rental

The studio has an exhaust system, lighting, sinks, bathroom, 3 pottery wheels, work tables of different heights, easels of different designs, a solvent collection tank, a settlement sink, light box, taborets, drying rack, assorted pottery and sculpting tools and a directly connected to the most professional art materials in the area. Cost is $15.00 per hour per person. No instructors is available at this cost.

Recycling Service:

The Art Store maintains containers of the following recyclable materials so that our landfills and water table do not become contaminated over time by our many toxic art materials

Aluminum and Plastic Tubes

Oils & Thinners

Empty Spray Cans

The Art Store does not accept any house paints or gallons of paints. These need to be properly disposed of by City of Prescott and Yavapai County Disposal Regulations.

All recyclable containers will only be received if they are closed tightly with a threaded lid.

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