Open Studio Times:

Please call ahead to confirm all available studio rental times.

The uninstructed Open Studio Time is an hourly rate of $15.00/hour. There is a minimum of 1 hour charge. This is for during the above times when the studio space is vacant of any instructor. These times may change due to workshops or other classes becoming available to the public.

Please call ahead to confirm there is available studio time and space. All clean-up of equipment and studio space is the responsibility of the artist renting the space during these Open Studio Times.

Please plan your studio time to allow for this clean-up time.

Any disrespecting of the equipment or the space will not be tolerated. If this is a constant problem we will have to disallow you the use of the studio space and equipment. The Art Store is responsible for the draining and clean-up of the sink, mopping the floor if it is needed beyond any major cleaning that the artist may have missed was waiting for the clay to dry. We also will maintain the present equipment.

No pets or small children are allowed in the studio spaces during the open studio times or during the planned instructed times.

This is to insure the safety of your pets and children. Artists use many toxic chemicals and materials in the studio. There are also many heavy objects and equipment used during the artistic processes that may injure pets or small children. There is also a lot of loud unusual noises that may happen during these processes. Pets or small children can be greatly disturbed by these unusual noises.

Studio Rental of the space for large parties is available at $75.00/hour. All cleaning of the space is responsible by the renting party.

All art materials are an extra cost and are not included in this rent of the studio space.

Firing Service:

All clay must be identified before firing.

Pieces that are too thick will be refused.

We offer no guarantees on firing, as this is a shared studio space. Furthermore, there is always a possibility that unnoticed air bubbles in the clay may burst during firing. Services must be prepaid, and are non-refundable.

Kiln Load Firing Charges

$50 per FULL kiln load Partial kiln load prices will be determined by cubic inch or volume, at the cost of 3 cents per cubic inch. For example, if your piece is 10” X 10” X 10”, multiply W X D X H to result in 1000 cubic inches at the cost of $30.00.

We will not fire pieces until the kiln is full, unless you wish to pay for a full kiln load.

We offer firing services up to cone 10 but most firings are cone 06 (glaze) to cone 6 (bisque).

Recycling Service:

The Art Store maintains containers of the following recyclable materials so that our landfills and water table do not become contaminated over time by our many toxic art materials

Aluminum and Plastic Tubes

Oils & Thinners

Empty Spray Cans

The Art Store does not accept any house paints or gallons of paints. These need to be properly disposed of by City of Prescott and Yavapai County Disposal Regulations.

All recyclable containers will only be received if they are closed tightly with a threaded lid.

Canvas Stretching Services

The Art Store does offer custom canvas stretching services with the Art Store. Email us your request of materials and size for an estimate of cost. We can not estimate this over the phone. The options are extensive.

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