New to Art Store Offerings – Instructor, Hermon Adams

The Art Store is excited to snow levelannounce that local painter and instructor, Hermon Adams has been added to our class offerings.

Ida and I have known Hermon for over 25 years. Growing up in the area, we met him first through his art being shown at the now Prescott Resort. Later we met his children (our age then) and became good friends.

Hermon has great vision and mastery of the southwest imagery and the use of the art materials. Studying our local beauty and inspiration has led to many wonderful visions in his creative mind. His art experiences have been as an illustrator and production artist during his early career to well-collected fine artist most recentlyThe Bishop's Chair.

“I have seen a lot of his work through the years and many have brought me to an emotional state. One brought me to tears.” – Keith K.

You may remember his work being shown in his own gallery in downtown Prescott. Strong compositions and dramatic lighting has been his recognized painting style. Using references is common in the art world. Hermon understands how light works within these compositions.  Only releasing his own creative work is his standard.

wings of my soul 72 copy Now that you know a little about him, why should you want to learn painting from him?

There are always a few signs of a good painter and instructor to us. One is knowing your art materials to the extreme. Another is being able to inform others of this knowledge in an educational way instead of a negative way. Being employed at the Art Store is always a challenge every day. The reasons for this is because you have to part chemist, part physicist, part counselor, part accountant, part social butterfly and never plateau your thinking. I say this because we have found that we always enjoyed Mr. Adams visits to the Art Store due to his vast knowledge of the art materials. The Art Store employees all have  learned something from him about the materials on-hand. We also noticed that a light for the stairswe learned this without the feeling of disrespect. When Hermon offered to instruct at the store, we agreed immediately. Hermon only wants to share his knowledge with others. Seeing that feeling of understanding by his students is what encourages his soul. You paint with a heavy heart and you will paint with a lack of confidence and you will paint with little emotion. Everything he has told us is what we are also told by other professional painters internationally or have learned ourselves as we painted more and more. Visit enough art material conventions and you start to understand the reasons some paint is better than others. Listen to the more experienced painters and you will learn faster. At the Art Store we encourage our staff to educate, not sell an incorrect product for the technique. Hermon is one that really understands the materials.

f328413509bbdadd03140632cdeec7d3Let me be up front with you now, Hermon is not limited by just painting southwest images. He has painted fantasy based imagery, Americana, portraits, still lifes and many other styles. The difference in what is saleable and what is fine art is a big one. What Hermon can teach you is the acrylic painting basics and more. What you do with this knowledge gained is up to you.  – Keith K. 

The Art Store is now offering an acrylic painting class with this instructor on Sundays starting in October. His choice of art materials and equipment is what I would tell any starting acrylic painter to purchase. Most beginners do not know that every brush is not suitable to your style. Not every painting surface is either. Mr. Adams is requesting a basic professional grade list of paints, universally used inexpensive brushes and painting surfaces. Options other than this will be discussed in the class. Yes, Hermon has painted in both acrylic and oil. This class is for acrylic painters only. Learn how to paint with acrylic and make them look like oils! Hermon-porch Wagon Wheel Village Restaurant Jackson, WY

His required supply list can be found here.

If you wish to register for his class, please do so online by pressing the button below, calling us at 443-0749 (please have your CC info ready) or stop by our store during our open hours. Any of the clerks will be able to register your seat in this class. Mr. Adams has agreed to instruct on a monthly basis and only needs 4 registered students to allow his classes to proceed through each month.

To view just some of Mr. Adams work, just search the internet. You can’t miss it.

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