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The Art Store is continually seeking motivated instructors to instruct art classes and workshops in many subjects and mediums. We're looking for inspired and socially connected individuals to bring their creative influence to students of all ages and backgrounds. Ideally we will work together to have high enrollment and an enthusiastic student base.

The variety of classes available and 4 week terms make it easy for our students to take multiple sessions from multiple instructors. Our instructors must have creative lesson plans, a good grasp of the media they propose to instruct, and most of all be willing to commit to teaching for at least four weeks at a time without interruption.
Availability of the classrooms is on a first come, first serve basis. Time slots are 10-1 and 2-5 M-F; 10-1 and 1-4 Sat & Sun. We offer workshops during each month on the 5th consecutive days or if there are any open days during the week. Please indicate which times you would prefer in the questionnaire below*.

*A common question from our instructors and students is if we offer evening classes. We do not because of the need to manage the sales floor as well as the students. This requires more staff and the lack of business during the evening hours does not support the increase of labor hours.

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Frequently asked questions:

Q: Tell me about the space?:

A: We provide a temperature and light controlled studio that can accommodate up to 12 students (depending on the media). Working easels, tables, and seating are available for student and instructor use. Running water and restroom facilities are available in the classroom studio.

Art lessons in an art supply store provide convenience and inspirational opportunities for students and instructors alike. All students and instructors get a special discount of 15% every day on non-sale items. It's our way of thanking you for getting involved in the art community with The Art Store.

The Art Store will provide a room, tables, chairs and easels for your classes' needs. Supplies are readily available for your students to purchase and we can cater our supply offering to your specific instructional needs (give us at least 2-3 weeks advance notice if you need us to special order supplies for your particular class).

Q: When can I teach?

A: Currently we have multiple times and days available for classes or workshop times. Availabilities are determined on a first-come, first serve basis.

Q: Who maintains the classroom?

A: Our classroom facilities are managed by The Art Store. We will do our utmost to provide outstanding customer service for you and your students. Our employees provide room and easel maintenance on a general basis. Please be sure to notify us immediately of any problems you may have with the maintenance of the room.

Each instructor is required to do their own set up and clean up of the room for their own class during their allotted 3 hours.

This includes the papering of the tables before the session is to start, the removal of paper at the end of the session, the wiping down of the easels and all tabletops as well as communicating the maintenance needs of the space.

It's a good opportunity to teach your students about the realities of studio work, so involve them in helping you set up and clean up too! If the equipment is too heavy to set-up or breakdown by yourself, invite your students to come in early to assist you as well.

Q: How often and how much will I be paid?

A: Instructors are paid monthly, typically the first Saturday of each month following your completed first month of instruction. Our pay rates are competitive with institutional learning, without the educational or professional requirements usually expected of instructors in other settings. Your payment is scaled to the number of students enrolled, to encourage and promote higher enrollment for classes. Bonus rates are offered by your experience level, in turn the requested student's class payment will be higher.

Typically instructors will be paid as follows:

4-6 students per session (not per instructor): $30/hour
7-10 students per session (not per instructor): $34/hour

We're sorry but we can't pay you for teaching a class if your class doesn't make minimum enrollment, or if you miss sessions due to any personal reasons.

There is no health insurance or personal day benefits offered since you are not an employee of the Art Store but you are an independent contractor. This is a contract rate. You will receive a 1099 tax form as an independent contractor.

No City, County, State or Federal taxes are withheld from your payments by The Art Store or The Frame & I. Please be sure to remember that you will owe income tax on these payments the following year.

Q: How will people find out about my class?

A: We currently advertize all of our classes in The Courier, as well as on several popular radio stations including KYCA, KAHM, and KKLD. We email class information to more than 2500 individuals and institutions. We have a growing fan base on Facebook, a professional website, and a blog to promote your classes. We offer printed flyers for customers in the store to take. Window signage informs the public about current classes.

The more instructors and classes (and the ensuing registrations) we have, the more we'll be able to promote what we offer! We will do everything we can to attract students to your class, but you are strongly encouraged to invite everyone you possibly can as well. There is no advertizing that works better than your own word-of-mouth among your personal connections.

Instructors that instruct their students to only buy online will not be scheduled for future time slots in the class/workshop schedule. The instructors are to be friendly to the store and understand the store's promotional offerings, coupons available and the Art Store student discount of 15% off of all non-promotional items.