Watercolor basics and Beyond Supply list – KEEPING COOL in the August Heat

  • One sheet of Arches Paper, 140 # cold press, 22 x 30, natural white, torn to quarters (shown in workshop) – We will be using 1/4  sheet  for the main final working painting and a second  quarter sheet for color testing.   Another quarter sheet, halved  for warm-up exercises.
  • Board to attach paper (gatorboard or sealed wood board)
  • Non- patterned tape to attach paper to board (gummed tape, masking tape, artist’s tape)
  • 12 or 18 inch ruler
  • Colors for this class: (all are Daniel Smith pigments)

Lemon Yellow

Naples Yellow

New Gamboge,

Dioxazine purple (only in M.Graham)

Sap Green

Olive Green

Ultramarine Blue

Cobalt Blue

Cerulean Blue


Alizarin Crimson

Quinacrdone Burnt Sienna (or Quinacridone Burnt Orange),

Buff Titanium

  • 2 flat bottom plastic water jugs
  • Your favorite watercolor brushes & Flat brushes, 1/4 inch  and 1/2 inch & ROUND BRUSHES: #3, #6, and #8 or #10
  • Terry towel table cover
  • Viva paper towels
  • H graphite pencil
  • Kneaded and white eraser
  • Lined sketchbook for notes

OPTIONAL: liquid mask, hairdryer, camera to photograph your process

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