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First Tinfoil Hat Club Meeting to be held this Sunday, December 10, 2023, 2:00

Many of my readers have been reading about my 5 year recovery of stage 5 septic systemic in vasiv e ca ndid asis since I was able to recover the Art Store in 2019. As I have already announced in one of my recent posts, I am hosting a celebration and get together to discuss the ways I was able to beat the one percent chance and reverse all major physical and mental illnesses caused by the past medical misadventure. This event in the studio within the store will be only available for 24 attendees. It will be available in the near future as needed as we discuss the many reasons that are affecting our health and current situations in our environment. Many have already reserved their spaces but you can do so by emailing the store at to be put on the list of the first attendees to this club and celebration. Guests and others interested in learning more about the cause of hundreds of illnesses are invited but please RSVP. If you know somebody in mental illness, I will be openly talking about this myself.

I, Keith Kendall will be discussing a protocol that had helped me considerably in cleansing the candida, strep, staph and mold from my body causing the candida complex I once had from the medical misadventure I experienced from our medical system.

One of the additional speakers at this celebration is one of my local holistic coaches, Spring Rayne who will be discussing her services of zyto testing and the 7-day detox. Something we should all know about before our holiday celebrations.

Light snacks, coffee and water will be provided, exhausted air space as well for our respiratory safety.

Please remember the studio is a low EMF environment for the ones who are ultra-sensitive, you will be requested to place your smartphones in airplane mode for the ones that can. For the ones who are needed to be in contact with loved one, we will be requesting storing your phones away from the other attendees. These phones can be checked at anytime and will be closer to front doorway for the best reception for your personal calls and texts since the store is a natural faraday cage.

Any photos or videos are encouraged from this celebration of continuing life.

We are not defined by our scars but what we have fought through……its time act as a community

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