October’s Sunday Acrylic Painting Class is sold out!

A few weeks ago, the Art Store was excited to snow levelannounce that local painter and instructor, Hermon Adams has been added to our class offerings.

The month of October has been sold out and will be proceeding.

November’s classes are still available. This instructor will be teaching monthly so we are accepting November registration now.  Click below to do so.

To view our past post about this artist/instructor, please feel free to do so by clicking here.

A few questions about his required material list have come about since he is requesting Golden Acrylics only. Golden is the highest quality of acrylic paint available today. It paints and mixes the easiest for his processes. However, not all colors are available for the fluids since Golden Acrylics does not manufacture these pigments in every viscosity. Heavy metals (cadmiums and cobalt) are only made in the heavy body and OPEN viscosities. The fluid line does not offer these colors due to the toxicity of the pigment and the possibility of an artist mistakenly spraying this paint. Breathing heavy metals is the easiest way to cause cancer to oneself.  Golden knows this so they do not manufacture the fluids in these colors.

Hues are not acceptable replacements. They will not mix or paint as well. Please check your present paint for the pigment number as a match to his requested palette. These pigment numbers are listed on the material list.

Liquitex paints are the worst paint to use for his processes. He will discuss the problems with some other manufacturer’s acrylic paints and his processes in class. Some other brands can work but for the best results, Golden Acrylics are required.


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