Coupons and Deals

Student and Professional artist discounts everyday!

Students – get 10% off all regular priced items! If you’re enrolled in grade school or college classes, or taking an art class or workshop in the area, we’ll give you 10% off any regular priced items you need. Just show us your ID or tell us whose workshop you’re in and your’re gold!

A Professional discount is available to all professional artists. All we need to see is a business card, website or gallery you’re represented by. You’ll get 10% off your purchases every day, on all regular priced items.

Art Store Large Order Discounts – Looking for a Large Order Discount or L.O.D.? Follow the link by clicking here.




The Coupon Mailer in the local mail boxes does as well.

*Free Samples We have samples of many of our paints and supplies. Just ask, and if we have samples we’ll give ya one!


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