Just in time for the Holidays!

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Our new Money in the mail coupons have been released. Our 30% off coupon is on page 54. Click on the image above to be taken to their PDF and then search for page 54.


The Richeson Best Lobo Easel has arrived as well.

“I have tried many easels of the years and I have found the Best easels live up to their name. This easel is built to withstand our climate! As long as we have this easel in stock, we can apply the above coupon on this easel if you bring it in. No shipping costs apply. Its an easy assembly of about 30 minutes since it is partially assembled already.” – Keith K.


Built of solid oak, this quad base easel is perfect for the mixed media painter. It is inexpensive, compact but sturdy, reliable and very flexible. Can be used vertically for sketching or painting, and in just seconds can be adjusted to a horizontal position for watercolor, gessoing or varnishing. Plus, the Deluxe Lobo features a built in shelf for supplies or books.
  • Maximum canvas height: 44″
  • Base width/depth: 25″ × 27″
  • Extended easel height: 70″ high
  • Table height: 34″
  • Adjusts quickly to a variety of settings for sitting or standing
  • Forward tilt for glare reduction or for the pastel artist
  • Shipping weight: 28 lbs – oversize
  • Box dimensions: 55″ × 29″ × 6″
  • Ships partially assembled

flat loboSee one in action in our working studio! All boxed up and ready for easy pick-up.

Another New Arrival are the Richeson Pastel Sets


Using pastels gives a project a distinct look, and Richeson Soft Handmade Pastel Sets in Wooden Boxes are the perfect way to create velvety pastel look. The handmade aspect means these pastels are top quality and give a smooth line. Each one has a vivid, distinct color, and each is hand rolled. These pastels are 33 percent larger than the pastels made by most brands. The wood case gives these pastels a separate, cushioned space for each pastel to rest. Keep them in the elegant case to keep them safe and ready for use anytime. These pastels are a perfect gift to interest someone in trying pastels or to impress a professional artist with the high quality. Each pastel measures 2 3/4″ x 5/8″. Choose from sets of 18, 36, 72 or 120 pastels.

Richeson Pastels are handmade and larger than most pastels. They are perfect for artists of any skill level and come in an attractive wooden box.

Any in-stock item our coupons (register or otherwise) can apply to as long as the item is not already on a promotion. One coupon is applicable per day per customer.

Can’t decide what to get your favorite local artist for the holidays?

gift_certificate_everyday_50-webThe Art Store also offers gift certificates in increments of $25, $50 & $100! We mail them for free to the lower 48 states. Call us, visit our webstore or stop by to get your Art Bucks for your creative someone.


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