This is Your Time to Help Us “Stick it to the MAN”


Every year the Art Store is taxed on the items that do not sell by the end of the year. Is this double taxation? Triple taxation?

To encourage this from not happening on some items next year, we host a store-wide 25% off the MSRP of all non-promotional items during the end of each year. This promotion is on all the items you are purchasing during these promotional days. No coupons are accepted at this time but this 25% off the MSRP promotion encompasses all the items you may be purchasing. This year this sale runs from Sunday (the 27th of December) to Wednesday (the 30th of December).

Of Course, its the best time to use your gift certificates!

This year, this promotion is also applicable the clearance items that are already on a discounted price.

Adult Coloring Books

_images_Product Images_Large Images_DO_0486492699Are you still looking for a coloring book?

_images_Product Images_Large Images_WF_9781592539468Some are still in stock

_images_Product Images_Large Images_WF_9781937994778
Maybe you need the national bestseller of coloring books. At this time we still have a few left. Now that the relatives have left until next year, maybe its time for you to decompress by breaking out the markers and colored pencils.

What?!  You didn’t get the easel you wanted for Xmas?

loboJack Richeson’s Deluxe Lobo Easels are in stock for now……

Are you ready to start your pastel painting career?

richeson-soft-handmade-pastel-sets-in-wooden-boxes-95.pngRicheson’s Handrolled Full-Stick Soft Box is still available!

Unison Pastel
Unison Sets and open stock are also 25% off their MSRP during this end of the year sale.

Faber Castell Creative Art Sets are……awesome!

P-L_connector_teaserMany of our customers tried and purchased the provided Faber Castell sets for kids, teens and adults. Some are still available.

The minions will be more than happy to show you what is remaining (there is a lot of many of the materials). minion found944670_1248222135191829_7922186774197196396_n

This year you will see that many items sold out. An awesome year 2015 was…….here is to 2016!

New on the Art Store sales floor NOW


Fineline precision applicators allow you to create complex designs, draw endless lines, and precision spot, by making precise, accurate, controlled placements of liquid media possible.

Use them with acrylics, inks, gutta, watercolors, oil paints, silk dyes, stains, henna, waterbased adhesives, glazes, and other liquid media. The non-clogging, airtight cap and wire systems guarantee your favorite media will be ready for immediate use.

The 1.25 oz (37 ml) oval bottles are easy to handle and come with either an 18 gauge (0.8 mm) or 20 gauge (0.5 mm) applicator needle.

Ever wonder what Santa and the elves do during the rest of the year?

12376468_1240163242664385_1369076854661933435_nOur Christmas window from Christmas Past. Santa used to be a struggling student, before he became famous. He had a side gig modeling for art students so he could pay his bills. No lie. This could be how he met Mrs. Claus!

For those who don’t have the time to color, you can always take a moment to rest and think you have….


 Lazy……she is not.


Arteide added 12 new photos to the album: Metal meets Lace. The Unbelievable Metalwork — with Ακριβή Μεριδιώτη and 2 others.

Did you have some trouble this year in picking the perfect gift for someone? Valentine’s Day is so close already!


How to give an awesome gift in five easy steps

Gift giving is really an art form, isn’t it? We can all agree the best gifts are thoughtful, and are just as much about the giver as the recipient. Something that truly expresses a feeling two people share.  Something that makes them laugh… Something that makes them cry. It isn’t easy, so we’re going to give you some tips…

How to give an awesome gift in five easy steps

How to give awesome gifts

Handmade shadowboxes make special gifts =)

1.) This is usually the hardest part because it takes some thought. Who is the gift for? No, really… who are they? Do you know them well enough to know what kind of person they are? Are they passionate about something, anything? What is something interesting or outstanding about them? Try to think of something unique about them and then play a riff off of that. Even the most reclusive of people have something that defines them. Your gift will show that you noticed who they are inside, and this counts way more than even an expensive gift that doesn’t mean anything to them.

2.) It’s not the money, it’s the thought that counts. Still, sometimes a splurge is appropriate! Big year? Don’t be cheap… take the opportunity to do something over the top when and if you can.

3.) Do something for them that they wouldn’t do for themselves. Think of it, plan it, and do it all on your own (remember to consider #1). Avoid asking them for a list of stuff they want; because let’s be honest, that is only one step away from them buying it for themselves! Plan a day-trip, or a lovely date; a vacation or a party, a spa day, a trip to the big game. Then work out all the details so all they have to do is show up. Best. Gift. Ever! Oh, skip the crummy coupons for a mediocre attempt at backrubs or doing chores – you should be doing those things all the time and not as ‘gifts’. Really!

4.) Make something from scratch. Even if it isn’t very good. Your time and your effort is so valuable, it counts!

5.) Celebrate and spend time together. The gift of yourself is priceless! Play games, work a puzzle, have a conversation by the fire. Cuddle. Sing. Play instruments. Read out loud to each other. You get the idea!

Now that you have some pointers, go out and start giving awesome gifts to those you love! Have fun watching their faces light up, you incredible human being, you.

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January Art Store Class Updates

Pastel icon

Pastels Class splitting into two classes for January.

Details released in a few days.  Contact us for more details and to reserve your space. The afternoon class is a go……the morning class is populating now. Class starts on the 5th of January.

Acrylic Painting Class on Hold – Stay Tuned!


Hermon Adams’s Painting Classes to be offered in March.

Mr. Adams is recovering well. He is requesting some more time to get to full strength again. We will contact all past and future students when he has confirmed the dates with us.

Sculpture Class and Drawing Class to be offered in February

Drawing class event  details of these classes to be released in a few days.

The Art Store is always taking applications for minions and class instructors


Apply by visiting our website at for being part of our instruction team.

Apply to be a minion at the Art Store by visiting our website at

Submit an application and we will be in touch as the need is found.

Time to Blow our Horn


ccj-logoFor the second year in a row, The Art Store donated $100.00 of kid’s art materials to their Special Projects Programs. Organized and matched by one of our local Rotary members.

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