For Christmas, the Art Store wants you to see the difference!

Being good or bad is all in the quality of the materials

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Santa knows when you’ve been bad or good, but does he know the difference between a good kid’s art material and a waste of your time and money? The Art Store does.

Recently the owners of the store visited a national convention and found that so does Faber Castell.

Faber Castell pens markersFaber Castell has been one of the Art Store’s favorite brands to offer in our professional drawing lines. Until recently we have only offered a few of their Premium Children’s Art Products.

Just in time for the holidays, we are offering a lot more of their great products. So much more, that the sales floor had to be redesigned.

Why? Do you say? What we saw at the convention for quality and creativity we found to be well worth the improvements:

Pencils that don’t have their leads fall out and sharpen fullyP-L_grip-2001-colour-pencils_teaser
Leads that blend easier than some professional brandsP-L_colour_pencils_teaser
Gel Sticks that create natural resists and are fun for all agesP-L_connector_teaser
Paper rolls properly sized for creative scroll projects (press the movie image below to see what is possible)scroll
Pocketbrushes that protect themselves from bristle damage (you have to see them)181514_2
Paint by Number with modern day themes & accessories

Sketching, drawing, collage and painting kits that are so informative and so easy to follow that anybody will have fun with these materials

and at costs that are fair and reasonable. Starting at $6.99 and up!


To encourage you to see and feel the difference, we have setup a demo area on the sales floor. Its your time to create with what is on hand. Paints, pencils, brushes and their many art papers to try out.

New Adult Coloring Books have arrived!

Creative Haven, Walter Foster & Searchpress have been busy

_images_Product Images_Large Images_DO_0486492699These simple yet stunning designs will help relax your mind while allowing your creativity to flow. Therapist and art education professional Susanne Schaadt shows you how to achieve a state of ‘zen’ with these beautiful meditative drawing exercises. Perfect for children and adults alike.

49089-2 Hutchinson.indd

_images_Product Images_Large Images_DO_0486491374

_images_Product Images_Large Images_WF_9781592539468

_images_Product Images_Large Images_SE_30724

_images_Product Images_Large Images_WF_9781937994778

Stop by the Art Store on 6th Street until Christmas to really compare their products to what you may have already tried.

You can also order these coloring books through our webstore and have them shipped to meet your needs.

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