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November’s & December’s Class and Workshop Updates

For these holiday months, the Art Store will be offering a truncated class schedule. Our EXHAUSTED* studio is open and we are having fun but respecting our family and friends for the holidays. As well as our staff and myself’s needed rest. As an essential business, we stayed open through this entire year trying our best to bring you all a piece of normalcy. A moment of zen. May your holidays be a time of connection for you all and that you value the people before you. – Keith Kendall, Owner – The Art Store

Thursday painting class will only be the first 3 Thursdays of November and December. From 1pm to 4pm. This class is a GO for November! Only one space is available to be part of November and the community we are building to a better us for 2021. Single session classes are now available for November if you would like to try this class out.

Saturday’s Basic Drawing Class will only be the first 3 Saturdays of November and December. From 10am to 12pm. This class is a Go for November! There are 4 more spaces available for this class. Single session classes are now available for November if you would like to try this class out.

Saturday’s Sculpture Class will only be the first 3 Saturdays of November and December. From 1pm to 4pm. This class is a Go for November! This class is also an overflow of drawing 2 students if they wished to continue their projects. Please remember this studio time is your open studio time to ask the instructor questions and discuss techniques with a professional artist and owner of the Art Store.

All workshops have been discontinued until January. The next one is watercolor hosting in the store with a nationally known watercolorist and printed author of watercolor techniques. This name to be announced in the upcoming newsletters. 

*The Art Store has been running classes and workshops since February of this year. Following all CDC regulations. In these regulations, the purpose for suggested masking is in sealed buildings. The Art Store is NOT a sealed building. It was purposely designed to exhaust toxins (including viruses, mold, bacteria and yeast) from the entire building by exchanging its cubic air sufficiently for the safety of all students, customers, instructors and Art Store staff. Not all people in the building will be wearing masks due to their own personal health problems that are their personal health problems. We offer freedom to the people to choose for the best of themselves. We do encourage a safe distance from others for all involved. The amount of attending students is also maintained for safety precautions. No virus outbreak has been caused by these classes or workshops by due diligence of the staff and equipment maintenance. If there had been any outbreaks, proper actions would be taken. If you do wish to get any art materials from us and do not wish to enter the building, please request a curbside pickup.  

An important approach to lowering the concentrations of indoor air pollutants or contaminants including any viruses that may be in the air is to increase ventilation – the amount of outdoor air coming indoors. Ensuring proper ventilation with outside air can help reduce the concentration of airborne contaminants, including viruses, indoors. However, by itself, increasing ventilation is not enough to protect people from COVID-19. When used along with other best practices recommended by CDC and others, increasing ventilation can be part of a plan to protect people indoors. – copied directly from the EPA website.

A suggestion to our community, know what causes this illness. Get plenty of fresh air in your own homes and businesses. Improve your own immune system and stay well in all ways.  Prevention of an airborne illness comes from taking precautions such as washing your hands and staying a safe distance from each other as well as practicing good health habits and illness manners. If anybody should know this is ones who have fought systemic infections. 

Student Appreciation Day

The first of many student appreciation days were hosted the last week of October to thank all the students this year for your support in not letting the community’s only art store and open teaching studio (during the pandemic) become a victim of the present business environment and society’s fears.

This event offered:

A free session of teaching and working on your projects
Snacks (cheesecake and many other things were served)
Critiques and Suggestions
All attending students had a day of all sales floor purchases were 25% off the normal price including sales items!

Upcoming will be customer appreciation days for thanking our community. May you and your family stay safe and value what you have.

David Lee Roth’s brush with art

In the quiet of a late summer night, the artist is at work. Sumi-e, the art of Japanese ink painting, is equal parts beauty and discipline.

“You’re a night owl – you usually paint and draw at night?” asked correspondent Tracy Smith.

“Yes, nighttime,” replied the artist. “There’s no magic to that. It’s simple lack of visual stimulation.”

He makes intricate pen-and-brush images, all of them done freehand in ink, based on a centuries-old formula.

And while you may not be familiar with the sumi-e technique, there’s a good chance you’ve already met the artist in another life.

For rock music fans, David Lee Roth needs no introduction. As the original lead singer of the Hall of Fame supergroup Van Halen, he was “Diamond Dave” on stage – a human cyclone of crazy energy.

But the heart of the band was co-founder Eddie Van Halen, who died of cancer earlier this month at age 65, and who was arguably one of the greatest guitarists who ever lived.

David Lee Roth performed with Van Halen for the last time in 2015, and shortly after Eddie’s death posted this tweet: “What a long great trip it’s been.”

These days, at home in California during the pandemic, Roth’s artistry is a bit more nuanced. But it didn’t come easy; in fact, he spent two years in Tokyo trying to master this technique.

Roth said, “I spent the first six months painting bamboo because it was in spring/summer. And I said, ‘When are we gonna paint something else?’ And he looked out the window and said, ‘When the weather changes.’ And he wasn’t kidding. So, for about four months we painted a little house with snow on top.”

Smith said, “This is fascinating – you took two years of your life and went to Tokyo to study Japanese painting and drawing?”

“You have a look that is a bit, ‘That’s unusual’? ‘Unexpected’?”


“Is it unexpected good, or unexpected eccentric to you? I’m curious.”

“I think a little bit of both,” Smith said. “I think it takes remarkable patience and discipline that most people, let alone a rock star who could be doing a lot of other things, would take the time to do.”

Roth said, “If you were a rock star and you had the money to do – let’s just add that – to do whatever it is, and I beyond all, I’ve always wanted a giant boat. If you can get past that, what would you use your rock stardom for?”

“I don’t know.”

“I’ve always used my celebrity as a passport for travel, and let’s go get into it.”

And here’s something else he got into: In 2004, Roth became a certified emergency medical technician in New York City. He was 48 years old, but he said answering life-and-death emergency calls in the Bronx was the thing in life that made him feel, well, like a rock star.

“I wasn’t someone until I put on that 511 uniform and went on my first calls,” Roth said. “I’m not gonna kid ya’. I knew I was in for the humbling experience: ‘Oh, White boy rock star thinks what, this is an easy gig?'”

“But you wanted to do it anyway?”

“Oh, that’s extra. You bet.”

He also learned that in a crisis it helps to have a little sense of humor. “That is your only weapon; that is your only life preserver that you can give somebody who thinks they’re gonna die,” Roth said. “Nobody calls 911 just to wish you Happy Hanukah.”

These days, it seems his time as a paramedic is behind him. But Roth is still very much a performer. Before COVID he’d been touring as a successful solo act.

But now, he said, he’s going to take it a little slower.

“So, you’re gonna space it out a little bit,” asked Smith.

“I’m on my, what, 45th year, something like that?” Roth said. “It’s great to see me, but not every year. Like family!”

And for now, there’s only his solitary art. But just because his medium of the moment is pen and ink, it doesn’t mean David Lee Roth will ever lose his voice.

He asked, “Who has the most impact on history? Government? Or the historian?”

“He who tells the story, right?” said Smith.

“Hello! That’s Yiddish for ‘Yo!'”

“So, is your visual art, storytelling?”

“My visual art is complaining,” he said. “It’s graphic therapy. I say through my graphic art everything that a lotta folks say to the TV set when you don’t think anybody’s actually listening.” CBS News

New on the Sales Floor:

Scratch Card Kits

Scratch the top layer of the scratch boards with the wooden tool and like magic… illustrations appear! Follow the instructions to create beautiful patterns or freestyle to your heart’s desire. These kits include four scratchcards, one wooden stylet and one step-by-step booklet in assorted colors. Recommended for ages 7-13 and up.




Pinata Alcohol Ink

Beautiful, color-saturated, acid-free, transparent inks. They have an alcohol base which makes them indelible and moisture-resistant when dry, and allows you to use them on almost any surface as long as it s clean and oil free. Highly versatile, Pinata can be used in a variety of applications, including rubber stamping, fine art, fiber art and scrap booking. It can also be used in calligraphy, faux finishing techniques, airbrush applications, wood and leather staining and more. The colors silver and rich gold are formulated with real metal pigments and are super opaque. The new colors to the store are stunningly reflective metallic colors made from real metal pigments.  Pearl is a metallic white made with super reflective mica pigments. It is terrific for mixing with the dye-based colors to create entirely new palettes of pearlescent inks. All the metallic colors are opaque and lightfast.
Blanco is also an opaque, pigmented color and is great for mixing tints and pastels.


Kraft Pads

An inexpensive, heavy-weight all-purpose craft paper, good for temporary drawings and bold sketches. 50 sheets per pad. Good for practicing midtone drawing on an inexpensive paper.




GOLDEN Launches Paint Stories, Podcast Hosted by Company Co-Founder & CEO, Mark Golden

Golden Artist Colors has launched a new podcast. Paint Stories, a podcast about what has made the journey of the company so special, focuses on the stories of hundreds of amazing artists who have invited Mark and his family into their lives, to share their love of materials and the art world alike.

The first episode of Season 1 features Mark Golden sharing the early history of his Great Uncle Leonard Bocour and his father Sam Golden as they began Bocour Artist Colors in New York City. Future episodes feature interviews with artists, family members and friends reminiscing about gatherings and life events that brought them so close together, shaping their relationships for a lifetime.

“The idea for the podcast Paint Stories came about as we were gearing up to celebrate our 40th year of Golden Artist Colors,” shared GOLDEN CEO, Mark Golden. “I had begun to gather information in various forms, most recently for a lecture at the Midland Center for the Arts in Midland, Michigan. As we moved into March and realized that much of our plans would have to be scrapped and with some unexpected time on my hands, I decided that since everyone was home bound right now, what a wonderful opportunity to connect with many of the folks that helped create the success of Golden Artist Colors! I was also able to put the earlier history of my Dad and Great Uncle Leonard Bocour into some greater context and with stories from my brother Tom, who actually worked at the shop in Manhattan, and later, joined us at Golden Artist Colors. I couldn’t be more delighted with the response from the artists that were willing to share their stories and connections to both Bocour and Golden Artist Colors. It has brought back so many wonderful memories.”

Take a listen and tell us what Paint Story you’d like to hear next at Please also encourage your customers and friends to subscribe to Paint Stories—their feedback is valuable as well!

Check Out the Facebook Live Calendar

GOLDEN continues streaming on Facebook Live, featuring our Working Artists and Materials & Application Specialists sharing best practices, techniques, and tips to engage artists. This month’s calendar includes Virtual Demo Events every Friday supporting products featured in our Studio Essentials Back to School promotion!

Check out both of our popular event formats this month:

  • Ask Me Anything events are hosted by GOLDEN Materials & Application Specialists who go deep discussing art materials and providing real-time responses to questions and comments from the audience. This format is great for artists at all levels, as well as retail staff looking to learn more about GOLDEN products.
  • Live Virtual Demos with GOLDEN Certified Working Artists feature techniques to create different effects using GOLDEN products, and live Q&A.

Customers can access these events by following the Golden Facebook page. Followers may opt to receive notifications on upcoming events. To join the events, visit our Facebook pages a

nd look for event posts at the time of the event. Please help us share these events with artists through your email lists and social media channels. Contact Stacy Rosende for help sharing these events. To learn more about Golden Artist Colors, its three brands (GOLDEN Acrylics, Williamsburg Oils and QoR Watercolor) and comprehensive product offerings, please visit

Fall Promotions

Our annual Fall sale has deep discounts.
All M. Graham paints are 25% off!
All pre-stretched canvas is 40% off!All pre-stretched Art Store canvas is 50% off!
In-stock Richeson Navajo easel is 50% off!
Select Sennelier Abstract acrylics are 50% off!
Daniel Smith Watercolors are 25% off!
Buy 3 M. Graham oil paints and get 1 free 1.25oz oil color tubes*
Buy $30.00 or more of Gamblin products and receive a free solvent free fluid medium*
*Both of these free products are at the check out, while supplies last. The color and size are already chosen for you. 

Stolen Klimt painting—buried for 20 years—to go back on show at Italian museum
Discovered by the gardener at the Ricci Oddi gallery last year, Portrait of a Lady will be the star of a series of exhibitions on the much-loved artist

A Gustav Klimt masterpiece stolen 23 years ago from an Italian gallery will go back on display next month. Portrait of a Lady (1916-17) was taken on 22 February 1997 from the Ricci Oddi gallery in the northern city of Piacenza. A gardener found the painting last December, after removing a metal plate on an exterior wall; the work was concealed in a bag buried within a cavity.

The painting will go on show in the gallery’s main exhibition space on 28 November, and will be protected by a safety case. In early January, officials at the gallery announced that the work had been authenticated and is a genuine painting by Klimt valued at €60m.

The heist was one of the most notorious art thefts of recent years. Reports speculated that the thieves deposited the work in the wall more than four years ago, after using a fishing line to hook and remove the Klimt from display. The Klimt saga took a further twist after individuals connected to the gallery were placed under investigation (it is unclear if this investigation is ongoing but the Italian art journal Finestre sull’Arte reports that the case remains unsolved).

The Ricci Oddi gallery is organizing four shows dedicated to Klimt over a two-year period. Portrait of a Lady is the centrepiece of the first exhibition due to run from November to 28 March 2021. The second show (March-October 2021) focuses on the links between the Austrian artist and other 19th- and 20th-century artists in the collection acquired by the 19th-century founder and patron Giuseppe Ricci Oddi. The third show examines the links between Klimt and Italy; in 2022, the final part of the series is a monographic exhibition organized in collaboration with the Klimt Foundation in Vienna. The Art Newspaper

The Mountain Artists Guild is one of Arizona’s oldest art guilds – now 71 years of age. It is located at 228 N. Alarcon Street, Prescott AZ86301.  The Guild is a non-profit 501(3)c corporation dedicated to providing education and support in all aspects of the visual arts through its juried shows, workshops, open studios, and mentorships. It provides an environment in which artists and artisans may associate with others of similar interests and abilities, offering the opportunity for the exploration, encouragement and development of their artistic talents. Supportive art programs and scholarships are provided to youth, veterans, and seniors.

Besides its regular programs, Mountain Artists Guild also sponsors two festivals each summer on the Yavapai County Courthouse Plaza; one on Mother’s Day weekend and the other the second weekend in August. In 2020, both Festivals were cancelled due to health concerns. The Guild is holding special fundraisers are to raise money for youth art in order to continue its programs. The Competition is to raise awareness in the community of the value of art and to aim a spotlight at the talented artists and artisans in our local area.


The calendars below are also available at the Art Store!


The coupon above can be used once per day.

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