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The end of September is upon us. Our October classes and September workshop have also been released and updated.

The Color workshop with Patrick Harper and Keith Kendall is in NEED of 2 more attendees by this Saturday. Please remember this is a hands on color mixing 3-day workshop. All materials are included in the workshop fee. Patrick Harper will be teaching the first 2 days of the workshop. As Mr. Harper is one of the premier artists to be involved with the first annual Prescott Plein Air Festival, Keith Kendall (Owner & manager) will be teaching the 3rd workshop day. 

The Oil, Acrylic & W/S Oil painting class on Thursdays is a GO! The minimum of 4 attendees has registered. Single sessions for October have been made available. Two other attendees have already registered for two of the spaces as to not miss Mr. Harper’s instruction. Due to the 1st of October being a painting day for Patrick Harper as he competes for best of show in the Prescott Plein Air Festival, Keith Kendall will be teaching the first day of class.

The Drawing II class on Saturdays in October is in NEED of one of more attendee. This class is reviewing colored pencil and pen & ink techniques. The class is being taught by Keith Kendall.

As the Art Store owner for 20 years & a Prescottonian for 40, this community is dear to my heart. After sitting down with the board members of the Highlands Center for Natural History to discuss their inaugural plein air event coming up, the store immediately became a wonder sponsor of financial, equipment and technical donations. The Art Store also made sure the winner of the event would get some paint supplies from Gamblin. Prescott is not a heavily industrial town. Most of the taxes generated is on services to others. A portion of this economic support being tourism. For years I urged the city council to help support art events that brought tourists to our town. The City of Prescott and the Highlands Center have teamed up to do just that. This event could help us struggling small businesses in this present economy. This may be the first annual festival for Prescott but I have absolute confidence in this group. Safety precautions (reviewed by the City of Prescott) have been taken into account and the present painters invited I have greatly respected for years. Don’t miss this event because they told you to stay home…………life is too short! Music is good! Art will be fabulous! Locations for this event will be around the area…….see links below. Come out and see the different artists paint in the ruff! – Keith Kendall, Owner & Manager, The Art Store, LLC

Prescott Plein Air Art Festival

Celebrating Prescott’s Diverse Landscapes

The Highlands Center for Natural History (HCNH) and the City of Prescott are pleased to present the Prescott Plein Air Art Festival, October 1 through October 4, 2020. Plein Air artists paint outdoors, capturing the spirit and essence of a landscape by incorporating natural light, color, and movement into their art.

October 1 – 3 : Painting at 7 Prescott locations
October 4: Gallery Viewings & Art Sale by the hour followed by Outdoor Reception & Live Music by Drew Hall and Anton Teschner with cash bar and hors d’oeuvres
October 6 – 17 : Online Plein Air Art Sale

Click links below for additional information or call 928-776-9550 :

 Schedule  Tickets
 Locations  Sponsors
 Participating Artists



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