Art Insider – December Special Edition – Gift Certificates

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This year our cool gift certificates are just the right size, color and what they really want!

Click above to purchase online!

Click above to purchase online!

Click above to purchase online!

Give the gift of HOPE

Due to our recent events, the store is offering to mail gift certificates upon purchase if needed. Locally, statewide or nationally. Imagine their surprise when they open their gift to these characters! Each gift certificate to purchase can be clicked on above. In the notes of the sale, please note in the credit card area the receiver(s) to where you would like them mailed to, the receiving person (to fill this in) and who is gifting this (to fill this in). These gift certificates can be used to purchase anything from future classes, demos, workshops and/or products on the sales floor. With these, you are investing into the future of the Art Store.

We have offered telephone orders, shipping, curbside pick-up and/or local delivery since March. This is still offered. Our webstore is being built to better serve our customers in the near future.

Gift certificates are also available by phone call and/or coming in the store.

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I’ve heard a lot of people tell me that they do not want the Art Store to succumb to the events before us. That they only want to support our local community. They do not want to support large online retailers or big box stores that have benefited from this situation. I knew this as I returned to the store in 2019 that this community I love needs an Art Store. Why? Because without art or the creation of it, life is far less of value. Without community, you only have yourself. Art is one of the few things that brightens your day. It feeds your soul and your will to live. Gifts of great value are those moments of zen we all hunger for. Without it, you live in a far less meaningful world. Trust is crucial during this time, do not let the world beat you down. This soon will pass, if you can………pass on moments of a beautiful world with a gift of creativity, you will gift HOPE. – Keith Kendall, Owner & Manager, The Art Store, LLC

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