The Art Store gets Tarred and…..

minions0This Saturday the 30th of May, the Art Store will be open but are parking lot will not be. The lot has needed some maintenance and will be freshly tarred on this day. We will be hosting the sculpture class on this day and holding our normal business hours. The construction crew will be reserving the sidewalk for our customers to enter the premises.

The following day, our digital media and transfer workshop attendees will be able to use the parking lot but the guideline will not be painted by this time. That’s right, its a whole parking lot with no imaginary walls to break through.

If there is any problems that occur with this, please park across the street in the alleyway next to the fire department as well as Foxworth Galbraith. The Art Store minions will be able to assist you with your purchases or workshop materials that day. Just call us at 443-0749 to request your minions.

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