Digital Transfer & Collage Workshop is this Sunday!

Confluence II Autumn

Confluence II : Autumn

Learn how to personalize your artistic creations quickly and efficiently. Some advances have been made to assist the artist with adding design elements quickly into your acrylic collages.

Decaying Garden by Maria Lynam

Decaying Garden by Maria Lynam




The Art Store is offering a workshop this Sunday that can bring you up to speed on acrylic collage techniques. Maria Lynam (local professional collage artist and acrylic workshop organizer) and the Art Store staff will be demoing and instructing the use of the following products :

  • Golden’s Digital Grounds
  • Dass Transfer Sheets
  • ExtraVorganza Silk sheets

All of which can be used to easily add your digital prints to your acrylic collages. This workshop will also allow you to experiment with some of these modern collaging techniques used in the acrylics world today.

There has been a supply list change with this workshop since Mrs. Lynam will be spotlighting some of her practiced techniques that leaves your digital transfers almost seamless compared to using acrylic skins. Acrylic skins have their purpose but some designs just need a more integrated look. The updated required material and equipment supply list can be found here.

At this time, we do have room in this workshop. To sign up for this event at the Art Store, you can do so by using our webstore by clicking here. Or call us at 928-443-0749 to reserve your space and required materials.

We decided to add some new techniques that you may not have seen. These techniques require some specific materials that we could put together for you by splitting up a larger pack. Instead of requiring each student to purchase each product in a large pack and have extras of what you may never use again, we built some kits of each product in smaller quantities. We also needed to add a printer’s ink charge. This kit is required for the event and can be found here.


Maria Lynam’s portfolio and artist’s profile can be found here.

She has studied under Nancy Reyner, Pat Hould, Ron Pokrasso, Keith Howard, Dan Welden, Josephine Archer, Judy Just and Elizabeth Dove.

Maria and the Art Store staff will be printing some images on the transfer sheets before the event so further instructions will be posted and we can be contacted at as well as Please feel free to email us with further questions if needed.


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