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We wanted to share with you these free online workshops offered by Strathmore! Workshop one is starting this week…

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Join Strathmore’s Free Online Workshops.

How Strathmore’s online workshops work:

1. Get Ready: A month prior to the start of each workshop, you can visit the workshop page for a supply list.

2. Register (optional): You have the option of creating a student account. Doing this will ensure that you receive an email at the start of each workshop to let you know it has begun. This will also allow you to participate in the discussion forum for each workshop and post photos of your artwork in the gallery.

During the month that a workshop is releasing, the Instructor participates in the discussion forum and answers questions you may have regarding the lessons.

3. Start: On the start date of each workshop, simply visit the workshop page for links to video lessons and instructions. Videos are located in the Workshop 1, Workshop 2, and Workshop 3 tabs after their start date. Follow along and watch for free!

4. Participate: Once a workshop opens, you can view video lessons and download instructions for each week. Feel free to participate in discussions and share your work in the gallery. After a workshop is posted, the video lessons and instruction sheets will remain on the site for viewing throughout the entire year. Join in and follow along at your own pace!

Learn techniques from experienced artists through online videos and downloadable instructions. Get inspired from other students in our virtual classroom. Keep motivated with ideas and tips from your instructor.

Strathmore’s free Online Workshops will be starting up again in March!

Here’s the lineup:

Workshop 1 2019

Workshop 1
Realistic Drawing with Charcoal
Instructor: Kirsty Partridge
Start date: March 4, 2019


Workshop 2 2019Workshop 2
Urban Sketching Basics
Instructor: Alphonso Dunn
Start date: May 6, 2019


Workshop 3 2019Workshop 3
Intro to Painting with Gouache
Instructor: Myriam Tillson
Start date: September 3, 2019



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Workshop 1 – 2019

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