Lucky Specials for March!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We have Superb & lucky deals on some of our most obscure stock of supplies for a limited time, now through April 13th! Sales include Canvas, Paint, Brushes and Paper. We hope to see you! (^:

Fredrix 1 3/8″ bar and Pro Line series stretched Canvas is 40% off! 

Fredrix Gallerywrap Canvas is a medium-textured, superior quality duck canvas. The acid free double acrylic primed surface is suitable for paintings in oils, acrylics, or alkyds. The canvas is mounted on 1-3/8″ heavy-duty stretcher frames for double the standard thickness. The canvas is stapled on the back to allow painting on all sides. This canvas also looks awesome with or without a frame.

The Pro Series 12oz Dixie is Fredrix’s finest pre-stretched cotton duck canvas for professional painters that features our world famous Dixie canvas. Stretched on kiln dried stretcher bars, the Pro Series 12oz Dixie is a versatile option for work in oil, acrylics and alkyds. Come pick up the best of the best, for a great price! (^:

Holbein Watercolor 25% off!

These extra fine artists watercolors contains no oxgall, animal by products or other dispersing agents. Holbein watercolor moves slowly, allowing for greater color density and brush control. It has a creamy texture that remains smooth when dry and will not crack, crumble, chip or mold in the palette.


Holbein Duo-Aqua are 25% off!

Holbein Duo Aqua Oil Color is a versatile, water-soluble oil that is richly pigmented, lightfast, and quick drying. It is Ideal for artists who want to avoid using harsh solvents for diluting, painting and cleaning. In other words, if you love the body of oil paint but can’t use paint thinner or other nasty solvents, these are perfect for you!

This exquisite line offers 100 highly pigmented Artist Grade Colors suspended in a water soluble cold pressed linseed oil. Duo is compatible with all media including traditional oil color and mediums, watercolor, gouache, acryla gouache and acrylic.

Abstract Acrylics are 25% off!

New to our store, Abstract is a fine acrylic paint which meets all the stringent quality demands that are a guarantee of Sennelier paints. Sennelier’s Abstract Acrylics are our new favorite entry level acrylic paint. You’ve got to try these out! Unlike student grade paint, these budget friendly acrylics have a high pigment load and hold their brushstrokes. No more faded looking colors and flat paint. 

As it fits comfortably into your hand it’s much easier to use. The pouch is so strong that you can take it with you wherever you go. Unlike a tube, it can stand up to pressure even if you accidentally step on it! The paint is better preserved because air cannot get inside the pouch. You can use the paint completely: there is no waste and no air bubbles which may cause the paint to spill out.

Look at the many different tips you can use with the abstracts to make unique marks!

Princeton Velvet Touch are 25% off!



Velvetouch is the ultimate and affordable mixed media brush. This series includes many unique shapes and features an extra-long round shape which is not readily available in other brush lines. The signature Velvetouch handle allows for a smooth comfortable grip. These brushes are great to use with oil, watercolor and acrylics.

Fluid & Fluid 100 Watercolor Blocks 25% off

High quality paper at an excellent price! Fluid watercolor paper is crafted in a European mill at slow speeds. This slow approach produces great strength papers that share the integrity of more expensive mould-made papers.

Fluid Easy-blocks

Each of these blocks contain 15 sheets of 140 lb. watercolor paper bound on two edges. That feature offers the benefit of both a pad and a block and allowing for easy movement from one sheet to the next.

Fluid 100

These watercolor blocks contain sheets of premium, archival 100% cotton watercolor paper glued on two edges. As you paint directly on the top sheet in the block, the glue along the two long edges will hold the sheet flat. When your painting is dry, just slide a dull knife or letter opener in the open side under the top sheet. After that, release the glue along one edge and pull your painting free.

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