Santa’s Workshop of Inspiration! Plus Holiday Giveaway…

Happy holidays everyone! We have some holiday inspiration for you, so come check out Santa’s Workshop and partake in our Make a Set Sale!


Make a Set Sale…

Buy any 3 items inside the workshop and get 15% off those items! There is no limit to how many items you can buy as long as its over 3, you will still get 15% off!

Inside Santa’s Workshop resides many artsy and exciting items! These items range from all different types of media and ability. We have both professional and beginner quality supplies. All items are great giftable ideas for the season 🙂 With the Make a Set Sale you are able to try out more than one medium or most importantly take care of three Christmas presents in just one trip! This sale includes all studio furniture but excludes the clearance cart!

So come and look at the pretty lights and our winter wonderland snowflakes 🙂

Holiday Giveaway!

For this holiday season The Art Store will be doing weekly art supply giveaways! All you have to do is come in and purchase something in store and you will be put into a drawing, one entry per day 🙂 Starting now through Saturday December 15th!

This weeks giveaway is…

Acrylic Painting Starter Set

This set is ideal for beginners looking to explore acrylic painting. It includes twelve 12ml paint tubes, four synthetic brushes in various sizes. Also including one eraser, one metal sharpener, one 10-well plastic palette. Even more one sketching pencil and an instructional booklet that covers the basics of acrylic painting. Tube colors included: lamp black, titanium white, burnt sienna, burnt umber, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, sap green, lemon yellow, yellow ochre, viridian, crimson red and scarlet.

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