Anna Fox Ryan of Gamblin Oil Paint Visits The Art Store

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Upcoming Gamblin Oil Paint Demo at The Art Store featuring GAMBLIN ARTIST’S COLORS

Join us for a live demo with Anna Fox Ryan, Saturday, November 11th 2017 at 10:30 am, at The Art Store! Registration is only $10, which we give back to you in store credit. Sign up online below, or call the store at (928)443-0749 to reserve your space!

“There’s nothing more natural and enduring than oil painting.” – Robert Gamblin

Understanding Contemporary Oil Painting Materials

Since our founding, Gamblin Artists Colors has handcrafted luscious oil colors and contemporary mediums true to the working properties of traditional materials, yet safer and more permanent. Gamblin’s dedication to today’s oil painters extends beyond offering the finest possible materials – we believe in sharing our knowledge so painters can choose those materials that best support their own artistic visions.
Understanding Contemporary Oil Painting Materials, a 90 minute Lecture Demonstration will cover the following:

  • Color Theory – 2-dimensional vs 3-dimensional Color Space
  • Color Mixing – Navigating Color Space: Gamblin’s practical approach to color mixing
  •  Artist’s Oil Colors – Gamblin’s approach to color making
  • Mineral vs Modern Pigments – How to create a personalized palette of colors
  • Indirect vs Direct Techniques – Historical application of opaque and transparent colors
  • FastMatte Alkyd Oil Colors – Benefits and uses of fast-drying, matte oil colors
  • 1980 Oil Colors – True Color. Real Value.
  • Painting Mediums –Choosing the right medium, including working properties and drying rates
  • Building Permanent Paintings – Understanding Fat Over Lean
  • Supports, Sizing and Grounds – How they affect color and permanence
  • Gamvar Picture Varnish – Understanding contemporary varnishes and controlling surface quality
  • Studio Safety – Create without compromise in a safe studio

Gamblin will provide class with FREE product and literature!

Gamblin Oil Paint Demo at The Art Store

About the Presenter:
Anna Fox Ryan is an oil painter based in Philadelphia PA. She holds a BFA in painting & illustration from SCAD. Her current work uses pictorial space to explore observations of electromagnetic fields and various levels of consciousness and energy. For more information on the artist please visit


DATE: Saturday, November 11th, 2017

TIME: 10:30 AM

PLACE: The Art Store, 537 6th St. Prescott, AZ. 86301  (928)443-0749

Sign up online or call the store at (928)443-0749!  Registration is only $10, which you get back in Art Store credit!


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