Grandparents, get15% off at The Art Store this week! Drawing pads half off!

Welcome to Grandparents week at The Art Store. Kids love to be creative and expressive. Art supplies from The Art Store would be a perfect gift for those creative little rascals this holiday season 🙂

Just tell us your purchase is for your grandkids and get 15% off your entire purchase! Celebrate family and creativity together and save some money while gift shopping.

Featured product of the week: Canson 1557 Drawing pads!

You can dream and draw big this Christmas with 50% off Canson’s 18 X 24 Pure White drawing pad!

Canson® 1557® is a fine textured, acid-free paper suitable for studies, sketches and drawing.

It is 100% alpha-cellulose, containing no wood fiber. Stock and surface-sized, it withstands repeated erasing and will not pill or tear. It’s a bright white surface for high contrast.

Recommended techniques:

Ideal for: pencil, pastel, charcoal and marker
Also suitable for: watercolour, gouache, ink and pen

Grandparents get 15% off your entire purchase of art supplies for your grandkids! All you have to do is tell us it’s for the grandkids!

That’s right, all you have to do is say it’s for the grandkids. We’ll take 15% off your purchase! HINT:  Your Grandkids don’t have to be children – they just have to be Grandkids!

Not a grandparent? Or maybe the grandkids were naughty? We have a coupon for you too. Bring this one in and save on something just for you!

Hope your holiday season is fantastic so far! See you soon at The Art Store 🙂


Ida K


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