Chrome pens and gold gesso back in stock… plus one big sale!

We have some special announcements here, but first! We want you to know we will be closed Monday, May 29th for Memorial day.  On Tuesday, our big sale of the season begins! Read on…

Did you know that our shiny Molotow Chrome pens and Daniel-Smith Gold gesso are back in stock? Woo Hoo!

Chrome pens and gold gesso back in stock! Plus our big sale coming up...

Bright and opaque, the silver paint in these pens is slick and super shiny!


Liquid Chrome paint markers are the shiniest silver we have seen yet! We have several nib sizes to choose from. These paint markers will paint on almost any surface too. Great for signing your prints or art! These markers are really addictive. They look great on dark surfaces too.

Chrome pens and gold gesso back in stock! Plus our big sale coming up...

Make your ordinary canvas extraordinary with gold gesso.

Gold gesso creates a glow like Renaissance-era paintings. Its velvety finish provides a luminous backdrop for your paintings and gives them a subtle shine. Come get some and see how it makes your work really glow!

We have gold gesso for canvas, AND gold watercolor ground!

You’re the first to know… Starting on Tuesday, May 30th, OUR BIG SUMMER BLOWOUT!

As a subscriber you are getting advance notice of our BIG SUMMER BLOWOUT starting Tuesday.  We have canvas, brushes, paper, pastels, easels and more at drastically reduced prices! We want to  make room for what’s new and amazing, so come stock up on your everyday supply needs and maybe even take home some materials you haven’t tried yet. Stay tuned, our next announcement will come out Tuesday morning so you know more about all the art supplies we have ON SALE!

Chrome pens and gold gesso back in stock! Plus our big sale coming up...

Yoo Hoo! Get the deals while they’re hot. Starting Tuesday!


Watch for Tuesday’s email for details, then come see us. These blowout items are great art supplies, but they’re only available while our inventories last. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Why would we do this? Well, for every thing there is a season. Some of these items are no longer being made, and some of them have been on our shelves a little too long. Come take advantage of our surplus supplies, get a great deal and help us make room!




Ida Kendall


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