August Art Store Class Updates


go_logo_dark_320Introductory Painting Class with Neil Orlowski is a GO for the month. Contact Mr. Orlowski Orlowski Eventdirectly to discuss class details and schedule changes. Click on the image at right to view the general details of this class and Mr Orlowski’s contact info.


If you wish to see more of this artist’s portfolio, he is showing some of his work in the Raven Cafe’. Walk past the main seating area and you will find his paintings near the back stairs.



go_logo_dark_320Introductory Pastel Class with Don Rantz is a GO for the month including morning and afternoon Pastel iconclass being offered due to high enrollment for August. Single sessions are also available since there is space at this time, if you are a returning student you can reserve your space to attend a single session. To reserve your single sessions please call the Art Store or stop by the store.


pepper colored pencil

go_logo_dark_320Drawing II with Keith Kendall is a GO for the month and there are single sessions available for this class.

To review the details of this class, feel free to click on the image at the right. You do not need to have attended the Drawing I class to attend the Drawing II sessions.



go_logo_dark_320Sculpture Studio Open Sessions with Keith Kendall is a GO. Single sessions are available for the month.

sculpture_002 looking left

To review the details of this class, feel free to click on the sculpture image at the right. You can attend any single session on any Saturday if it is scheduled on our scheduler. Beginning these classes is not required to start on the first Saturday of the month.



go_logo_dark_320Watercolor Basics with Sean Welch has not met its minimum for August. At this time, we will need two more registering students for this class to proceed. To see more about this class feel free to visit on our website by clicking the image below. The end of the day, Friday the 5th of August is our last day of registration.Water Color Event



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