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Happy Summer, everyone! Welcome to Artistic Insider July 2017 newsletter! – from The Art Store.  Find out why creative people’s brains really do work differently! We’ll be talking about our big Summer blowout… new art materials in the store… local art lessons and workshops … Be entertained, read our newsletter! Artistic Insider July 2017 newsletter! - from The Art StoreWe at the Art Store hope you have lots of creative plans for the Summer! Enjoy the long days and warm nights, it means more time to make art! We have a lot of goodies in store for you in this edition – read on!

Remembrance of 9-11, Leoma Lovegrove, On Display at the Southwest Florida International Airport

Minimalism at its finest… 😀

We want to share this article from Quartz Media with you, because you knew it all along…

Creative people’s brains really do work differently

It feels different, too. (Reuters/Michaela Rehle)

Written by Carolyn Gregorie and Scott Barry Kaufmann

What makes highly creative people different from the rest of us? In the 1960s, psychologist and creativity researcher Frank X. Barron set about finding out. Barron conducted a series of experiments on some of his generation’s most renowned thinkers in an attempt to isolate the unique spark of creative genius.

In a historic study, Barron invited a group of high-profile creators—including writers Truman Capote, William Carlos Williams, and Frank O’Connor, along with leading architects, scientists, entrepreneurs, and mathematicians—to spend several days living in a former frat house on the University of California at Berkeley campus. The participants spent time getting to know one another, being observed by researchers, and completing evaluations of their lives, work, and personalities, including tests that aimed to look for signs of mental illness and indicators of creative thinking.

Barron found that, contrary to conventional thought at the time, intelligence had only a modest role in creative thinking. IQ alone could not explain the creative spark.

Advice on acrylics from our friends at Golden Acrylics, in their “Just Paint” newsletter…

How to mix alcohol and acrylic paint to create fascinating effects!

  • Adding Isopropyl Alcohol into Acrylic Paint – Alcohol is less dense than water, and evaporates quickly once it hits the surface of a pour. Unlike other applications, the alcohol amount for this technique is relatively low because once the effect happens and it escapes the fresh pour, there needs to be sufficient time for the normal acrylic paint curing process to occur to avoid film formation issues. An effective starting recipe is 2 parts GAC 800, 1 part High Flow Acrylic, and 1 part 70% isopropyl alcohol. Create 3 or more paint mixtures in containers which can be shaken without spilling and carefully pour one color on top of another. Dense pigments like Titanium White should be used as the final layers so that the more aggressive colors below will push up through and create the cellular effects (see Image 3).
    Artistic Insider July 2017 newsletter! - from The Art Store

    Image 3: Pours of GAC 800, GOLDEN High Flow Acrylic & Isopropyl Alcohol create cellular patterns as the alcohol tries to escape the paint during drying.

 Local art workshop alert!

  Pamela Dunmire Studio Workshop Offerings


Park Avenue Art Place ~ 630 Park Ave. Prescott, AZ 86305

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TODAY    Join me in the cool mountain pines of Prescott.

JULY 14-15, OCTOBER 20-21

This energizing and intuitive workshop is for  artists with intermediate skill levels through professionals.  This  two-day workshop is geared toward a small intimate teacher student environment.  No more than 6 students per class.  Lots of hands on instruction, and experimentation.  Learn to paint with color, movement and energy!  TWO DAY WORKSHOP

Pen and Ink drawing by Danny Roberts of Atomic Cattle Drive comics

Using old school textures and technique – Danny creates classic pinup style ladies in cosmic situations.

Artistic Insider July 2017 newsletter! - from The Art Store

This will be a future cover for Atomic Cattle Drive comics!

For this particular illustration, Danny used a Sharpie Chisel tip, Sketcher non-photo blue pencil, various sizes of Faber Castell artist pens, and a Pigma Micron pen. We carry all of these supplies plus much more! When you need your marker fix come see us at The Art Store!

Artistic Insider July 2017 newsletter! - The Art Store

All of these pens and pencils can be used in one session – it really helps to have several so you can make lots of different marks!


YOO HOO!  Our big summer blowout is in full effect! Come get some of our clearance merchandise before it’s all gone. 25%-75% off all items! Don’t wait, this sale is ending July 1st!

What’s on sale? Pastels! Pencils! Sketchbooks! Journals! Easels! Clay! Canvas! Brushes! Aquastix! Portfolios! We’ve also got a sale bin full of miscellaneous fun finds like drafting tools, silicon shapers, paints and more. There is something for everyone here!

Why are we doing this? We are bringing in new quality brush lines from Princeton, Caran D’ache Neocolor II watersoluable pastels, select studio furniture and more. Help us make some space and score some great deals for yourself!

Art Store Canvas is 75% off!

And we have even more sale items in our big summer blowout! Check it out…


Canson sketch and drawing pads at least 25% off!

Fully equipped plein aire easel kit with carryinig case and roll holder. Versatile for all kinds of outdoor arting! 40% off list, this easel is a steal.

Hurry in before July 1st to get the best selection!

The Launch Pad Teens and the Frame & I had a Maker’s meeting, and it was great!

We got together and framed the letterpress prints that the kids made all by themselves! With great skill, Russell from the Frame and I showed the teens how to put together their very own metal frame. Now they know how to make a frame, and we had great fun hosting them in our workshop!  Read more about it here.

Artistic Insider July 2017 newsletter! - from The Art Store

Launch Pad teens are awesome picture framers!

Featured product spotlight! Strathmore Visual Journals in store, ready to take with you on your journey!Artistic Insider July 2017 newsletter! - from The Art Store

Strathmore® Visual Journals deliver high-performing papers and heavy-duty features engineered to meet the intense demands of your creative process. The removable cover sheet reveals a subtle, hand-illustrated cover design. The wire binding allows the journal to lie flat and open up 360 degrees. So feel free to reflect, explore, create and mix it up any way you please.

What is Visual Journaling?

Well, it’s whatever you imagine it to be. It’s an inviting canvas. An open and comfortable place where pens meet paintbrushes, colored pencils meet glued photos, markers meet magazine clippings, and found objects find a home.
Visual journaling is where your creative process can flourish. It’s a no-pressure playground where imperfection is perfectly amazing.

Want to know more about our papers at The Art Store? Stop in at 537 6th St in Prescott and see the wide variety of journals, pads, loose sheets, handmade decorative papers, and books that we carry. You can find out about some of them on our website, here.

10 Cartoonists Every Art Lover Needs to Know

Cartoonists these days mostly went to art school and know all about the art world, so why does that art world continue to mostly ignore comics? Why were there no comics in the Whitney Biennial, again? (Its curators would certainly have looked foolish if they had left out some other medium, like video or sculpture, entirely.)

Why should you care about comics? Well, you only should if you’re interested in art practices that contain rich content and meaning; that command a large and devoted audience; that couldn’t care less about the market, or investment, or flipping; that are truly radical. Here’s a cheat sheet to 10 names to know, from the absurd to the psychedelic, and everything in between.

The Artist series by Anna Haifisch

Thanks so much for reading! We hope you enjoyed this edition of Artistic Insider. Stay tuned for next time!

This is Ida K, signing off! Happy art making, everyone!




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