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Hi everybody! At this time of year we love to think about what we’re thankful for. We are especially thankful for you, our artistic customers! Without you we wouldn’t get inspired every day by new ideas. Thanks for shopping locally with us, and thanks especially for being our inspiration! Artistic Insider June 2017 edition! - The Art StoreWith shorter days and longer nights, this is the perfect time of year to stay in from the cold and make some art. Is your art space stocked up? Let us help you with that! 🙂 Click HERE for our current coupon and come get some fresh supplies!

In this latest edition of our newsletter, find out some art therapy ideas for the holidays, what’s on sale at the store, how to rework an old painting, our featured new products, art events in the area, people who match paintings, and more!

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Understanding Contemporary Oil Painting Materials, a 90 minute Lecture Demonstration with renowned artist, Anna Fox Ryan

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What’s on sale at The Art Store?

Fredrix Canvas Pro series 40% off!

Fredrix Canvas Red and Blue label 25% off!

Fredrix canvasCome get some quality canvas while it’s on sale! Our Fredrix canvas feature multiple layers of priming and we check each and every one for straightness, squareness and tautness. Unlike the cheaply made and poor quality canvas you find in craft stores, Fredrix brand canvas are worthy of your talent!

Red label: It is double-primed with acid-free acrylic gesso for use with oil or acrylic painting. The canvas is stapled onto the back of standard stretcher bars. Paint on all four edges and hang it with or without a frame. All sizes larger than 24″ x 36″ include single or double bracing for added support

Pro Series: The Pro Series 12oz Dixie is our finest pre-stretched cotton duck canvas for professional painters that features our world famous Dixie canvas. Stretched on kiln dried stretcher bars in standard, gallerywrap and deep styles, the Pro Series 12oz Dixie is a versatile option for work in oil, acrylics and alkyds.

Search for a pink sticker and save!

We have pink stickered items throughout the store, all are 25-40% off! This is going to be a regular deal at our store. Look for a pink sticker and score a great deal! Too many pink stickers to mention – it’s a fun treasure hunt for deals on all kinds of art supplies.

37 Art Therapy Techniques For De-Stressing This Season

Get creative this holiday season.

Art therapy is a form of therapy predicated on the belief that artistic expression has the power to help us in healing, in self-esteem or simply in chilling out. It’s unique in that most other forms of therapy rely on language as the foremost mode of communication, whereas art requires something different, something harder to define.

We’re not art therapists, and the techniques below are only suggestions based on practices familiar to the art therapy community. But for those hungry for a creative outlet to relieve the tension that tends to build up this time of year, the practices below may help. They require few materials and no artistic background — in fact, the less art you make, the better. The following suggestions are less about the final product, and more about the transformation that occurs along the way.

Behold, 37 art therapy techniques to help you relax this season!  For the full list click the “Read More” button!

The Art Store’s favorite ideas from the art therapy list follow, below! We have supplies to help with your art therapy… Or anything else creative you’re wanting to do, for that matter.  😉

#2 Make a Collage: Try our beautiful handmade papers from Black Ink! We have many colors and textures to choose from.

#4 Drawing in the Dark: you’ll need pencil and paper. Try one of our Cretacolor pencil sets and a sweet Strathmore paper pad. Or mix it up a little with black paper and colored pencils!

#5 Watercolor your Bodily State: We have all kinds of watercolors to help! – try Daniel Smith, M. Graham & Co, Yarka or one of our many other brands. We have watercolor paper and blocks for every budget! We even have metallic watercolors!!

#6 Zentangle drawing is beautiful and meditative drawing on a square format. We have zentangle sets but we also carry the individual supplies, like Micron or Pitt pens, Strathmore Artist tiles, Tombow markers and even silver chrome paint markers for coloring in your finished tangle!

#14 Doodling requires nothing more than pens and paper! We have a wide selection of art pens, newsprint, sketch paper, journals and more.

#15 Draft a Portrait of a Past Self:  A portrait may require oil or acrylic paint, brushes and canvas. We have what you need to paint your portrait! Many different brands of oils and acrylics are in store, including Golden acrylics and Gamblin oils. Also our perennial favorite, M. Graham & Co, American made paint. We have Fredrix canvas, Ampersand painting boards, and canvas pads. We also carry a beautiful line of paintbrushes from Princeton, Jack Richeson and Silverbrush.

#20 Use Crayons: Sometimes you just need to cut loose with crayons! We have the very best crayons at a great price, Faber Castell crayons, gel sticks, water soluable crayons and more. These supplies are not just for kids – they’re fabulously fun for all ages!

#30 Make a Painting with no Tools but Your Body: This calls for Tempera paint and posterboard – We have both! Our tempera is better than average and doesn’t wind up cakey and weird. Not into posterboard? We have rolls of paper, Canson Mi-Tientes sheets and big 18 x 24 pads of all kinds of papers too. 

#31 Revamp Your Stuffed Animals:  or maybe your wardrobe! with some of our Jacquard fabric paints! We have metallics, dyes, silk paints and more.

#34 Make an Ephemeral Artwork: We have chalk and soft pastels, which are both great for sidewalk art. Sometimes it’s great to get outdoors and bring color to your world!

#36 Turn a Journal Entry into a Work of Art: Art journals aplenty at our store – we have everything from 4″ x 10″ to 8″ x 10″ journals in all kinds of covers, papers and styles. All they need are your ideas! Our Strathmore Vision pads are great because you can customize the cover with your own artwork too!

Featured Product: Jacquard’s YOUCAN fillable spray can, now in stock at The Art Store!

Have you ever wanted to be able to fill a spray can with your favorite paint, medium or liquid? Now…YouCAN!

Have you ever wanted to be able to spray your own, custom mixed colors? Now…YouCAN!

Have you ever wished you could reuse your spray cans instead of throwing them away? Now…YouCAN!

Have you ever wanted to use compressed air in your spray cans instead of irritating propellants? Now…YouCAN!

Jacquard’s new YouCAN is the first ever refillable air powered spray can that looks and feels just like a regular aerosol can. It can be filled with ANY liquid and used over and over again! Simply fill the can with the medium of your choosing, pressurize with a bike pump or compressor, and spray! When it runs out, start over and do it again! For ages 12+

Item ACC8000

Pump with Adapt AIR couplingGreat for applying: paints, dyes, inks, adhesives, water, cleaning solutions, and more.

Environmentally friendly: No propellant or solvent. No empty can disposal. Continuously reusable. Can be used indoors without odor or fumes.

The Adapt-Air coupling may also be used to rescue leftover material from normal aerosol cans that have lost pressure!

PDF - YouCAN InstructionsInstructions


  • Compatible with practically any common spray cap.
  • Provides at least 1 to 1.5 minutes of continuous spaying
  • Do not exceed 100 PSI of pressure. The recommended pressure is 50-70PSI. This is the pressure that best simulates traditional aerosol cans.
  • Do not open while under pressure.
  • Do not re-pressurize until all pressure is exhausted from the can. To exhaust pressure, turn can upside and depress until nothing comes out.
  • Do not fill more than 1/3 full of liquid (approximately 5oz).

Artist Birthday/ November

René Magritte

Born René François Ghislain Magritte
21 November 1898
Lessines, Belgium
Died 15 August 1967 (aged 68)
Brussels, Belgium
Nationality Belgian
Known for Painter
Notable work The Treachery of Images
On the Threshold of Liberty
The Son of Man
The Human Condition
Elective Affinities
The Portrait
The Menaced Assassin
Movement Surrealism

Mountain Artists Guild needs help after flooding in 2017!

Have you heard of Mountain Artists’ Guild in Prescott at 228 N Alarcon St Prescott? They have been promoting the arts in Prescott for over 40 years!  They offer art scholarships to local students, fine art workshops, kid’s summer art camps, gallery events, seasonal art festivals on the courthouse square, a community for artists and a place to exhibit artwork for budding and advanced artists. This venerable arts organization needs help after massive floods this year.  If you’ve ever enjoyed an art festival on the square, an art class or workshop at MAG, or a fourth Friday art walk opening you can help keep the arts alive by contributing to their gofundme campaign!  Click Here or on the banner below to go to their campaign.

Photographer Spends Eternity Waiting For Museum Visitors To Match Artworks And The Result Is Worth The Wait


Most of us were bored at some museum at least once in our lives – except this guy! France-based photographer Stefan Draschan always keeps himself entertained at art galleries by creating his own art projects.

One of those projects is “People matching artworks”. Although at first Draschan’s images seem perfectly staged, the secret behind them is actually patience. The photographer enjoys visiting different museums mostly in Paris, Vienna and Berlin where he waits for visitors to suddenly match with a piece of art in a funny way. Follow the link to see more people who match paintings!

Coupon Wonderfulness!

All things Bright and Beautiful

Need inspiration, but don’t work well without a deadline? Check out Pinch Punch Post on Facebook! What are they? Pinch Punch Post is a monthly illustration challenge on social media. Illustrations for the challenge are posted on the first day of each month. Monthly themes are announced on facebook and on the Twitter page, Join them and get inspirational challenges monthly! Then watch for your illustration when they share it.

Art experiences in the area!

  1. December 5-8 at Mountain Artists Guild

    Workshop times:  Dec 5: 9 am to 4 pm;   Dec 6-8: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

    This workshop will focus on watercolor techniques in painting the effects of light on form in a variety of landscape, architectural and still life situations resulting in masterful paintings. The “how tos” in achieving dynamic and impressionistic paintings using painterly brushwork will be demonstrated all week. The central theme of our workshop will focus on light in various settings (water, florals, trees, foliage, etc.) and how to incorporate design and luminosity in a composition. Color relationships, values, edges and temperatures of light and shadow will be discussed. Massing and organizing darks and lights, understanding atmospheric and linear perspective and the use of value sketches will also be covered. Adding figures to your paintings will be demonstrated. The multitude of watercolor techniques will be demonstrated throughout our four days of painting.

     “Understanding the painting of light is what’s it all about”

    Students will experience exciting painting techniques, develop a personal style in artistic approaches and gain inspiration for future paintings.

     Recommended reading,  “Seeing The Light, an artist’s guide”, F&W Pub. Author, Betty Carr

    Space is limited, so please register early.
    Call Mountain Artists Guild, at: 928-445-2510 or 928-776.4009
    or stop by in person at: Mountain Artists Guild, 228 N Alarcon St, Prescott, AZ 86301

    2. November 19th at Taj Mahal restaurant

    Bonny’s Art Parties

    Bonny Lepore

    Looking for something artistic and fun to do with friends? Go to and sign up for a fun art party.!

    BONNY’S ART PARTIES Held at the Taj Mahal Restaurant 124 N. Montezuma St, Prescott. Please call 928-445-5752 for reservations. $45 per person includes canvas, supplies embellishments, coaching, one alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink and appetizers. At your place or event $30 per person includes canvas, paint, easels, brushes, embellishments and coaching.

    A previous art party and the happy participants 🙂

    From Bonny: The elephant is a painting we will be doing on November 19. I’m actually going to paint the outline on the canvas to make it more enjoyable for people who are there for a couple of hours of entertainment and relaxation.
    At the
    Taj Mahal downtown

    3. November 4th and December 2nd at the Phippen Museum

    Free Youth Art Workshops at the Phippen Museum

    Scratch Art – FREE
    Saturday, November 4th at 10AM
    Recommended Ages: 10 and older. Kids study Native-American pottery and rock-art designs and then make their own design, or free-form art etching using a scratch art board provided by the museum. Led by Phippen docents. (Note: this class entails the use of sharpened instruments)

    Cork Horse Ornaments – FREE
    Saturday, December 2nd at 10AM
    Recommended Ages: 10 and older. Kids (and adults) have the chance to design and outfit a whimsical, wine-cork horse with an array of materials to brighten and adorn your holiday tree. (Note: this class entails the use of hot glue).

    Useful Tips!

    How to Paint Over an Unfinished Oil Painting

    Revive an Old Oil on Canvas and Continue Painting

    Do you have an old canvas that you’d like to paint over or continue working on? While it may not be ideal for every oil painting, it is possible to reuse or revitalize a work in progress even if it’s been in storage for years.

    Many artists choose to paint over an unwanted and unfinished oil painting. This can save on the cost of a new canvas and the time involved in stretching and preparing it. It is also a nice way to practice a new technique or work out ideas without investing extra cash.

    However, there are a few considerations that you should take into account first.

    Should You Paint Over an Old Oil Painting?

    You can paint on an old oil painting like it is a new one, you will just need to make sure there is no grease or dust on it. However, you might want to consider if it’s worth the effort. Would it be easier or the final painting better if you simply begin with a blank canvas?

    Ask yourself this: Is it worth the slight risk that the old paint may show through? It is also possible that the new painting may crack because the painting underneath pulled in all of the oil. Is the money you’re saving by reusing the canvas worth it?

    Many artists would probably answer “no” to these questions and move on to a new canvas. In the very least, you can use those unfinished canvas pieces as a study for the new painting. What went wrong? Why did you abandon it? What do you like about it?

    Use this as inspiration and learn from what you did in the past.

    If you do choose to start anew, think about recycling the stretcher bars for your new canvas. Carefully remove the old canvas and store it if you like, but those stretchers should be good for another go around and simply need a fresh piece of canvas.

    Of course, there are artists who actually seek out old paintings when creating a body of work. Artist Wayne White is a perfect example and his colorful word paintings are created on top of thrift store paintings. The documentary film “Beauty is Embarrassing” showcases his work and artistic process.

    Most artists will not take White’s approach though and if you do want to paint over an old canvas, there are some tips you will want to know.

    How to Paint Over an Old Canvas

    There are two basic ways to approach an old canvas: start all over or work with the paint that’s already there. The trick to either is to ensure the canvas is clean before you begin.

    Many old paintings that have been stored for years are dusty, dirty, and some even get a little greasy.

    • Dust can be dealt with by wiping the painting with a damp cloth and leaving it to dry.
    • If there’s any grease on the painting, wash it lightly with a solution of rubbing alcohol and let it dry overnight. You can then paint on it as usual.

    Be sure that you don’t overwash it. What you don’t want to see is any paint color on your cleaning rag. This is a sign that you are cleaning it too much and getting into the paint layers rather than removing the dirt on top of it.

    Once the painting is dry, you can either continue painting or begin to cover up or remove the old layer of paint.

    • If the colors on the old painting are very intense, consider painting a layer or two of fat titanium white (not gesso) on top. Allow it to dry completely between coats.
    • If the painting has any unwanted texture or impasto work, you will need to sand that down. Use a fine grit sandpaper and gently remove the ‘offending’ paint. Wipe the canvas with a damp cloth and allow it to dry before adding those fat layers of titanium white.

    How to “Wake Up” an Old Oil Painting

    There may be an old canvas painting that you really do want to finish, even if it’s been years since you first touched it with a brush. It’s very easy to get it to a workable state by giving it a “wake up” – the technical term is oiling out.

    1. Begin by removing all of the dust and grime with a damp cloth and allow the painting to dry completely.
    2. Apply a thin coat of oil medium and allow it stand for at least a day (choose a location where it’s not going to gather dust).
    3. You should be set to begin painting again.

    Remember, that the new oil paint you will apply has oil in it which will also ‘feed’ the old paint. That is why only a very thin coat of medium is required.

    On an interesting and related side note, some Old Masters used a thin “wake up” layer between dried coats while glazing. You might want to consider trying that sometime as well.

    Originally Written by Gerald Dextraze, August 2006
    Edited: September 2016

    We hope you enjoyed November’s Newsletter! Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

    -Ida Kendall

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