Art Insider Workshop Update

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June’s Watercolor Workshop with Karel Armstrong is a go! This workshop is held on this Monday the 29th and Tuesday the 30th. The minimum of


students of 4 has been reached. The workshop is maxed at 6 attendees so there is only one space available at the time of this printing for learning the basics and beyond of watercolor techniques. Please register online, in person or by phone before the workshop start.

The instructor is requiring masks during this workshop as to protect all of us. 

July and August class and workshop schedule has now been released and can be found at our scheduler:

  • The July color workshop details will be released by us sometime next week.
  • August’s workshop has not been determined at this time.

Special Request from our local community:

Sandy Gilman is in need of a tole painter to embellish the ceramic tile around her fireplace. You can contact her at 1-303-386-5356 to get more details.





A true Art Insider inside information to our readers. The pandemic has affected all manufacturers and your favorite art materials. As the manufacturers and vendors of art materials’ supply chains were affected by the shutdown and a strong demand from the supply, your favorite art materials will have their concerns in fulfilling everybody’s needs. I am watching the supply chain be affected in all levels of art materials. If you need some of your art materials for your required techniques, I strongly recommend you contact us to communicate your needs. At this time, we are ordering weekly from both of our art material vendors for our customer’s needs. Special orders are being fulfilled within a week. – Keith Kendall. owner & manager

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