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Special Announcement – Price Increases Coming

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Due to the sustained construction boom in many of the states in the nation as the citizens of certain states flee to other states, controlled national borders and continuing covid restrictions, Tara Fredrix has had to raise prices on all of their lumber based products. This is including pre-stretched canvases in all of their lines and all stretcher bars in all sizes and styles. The price increase is just under 20% and has not been announced for how long it will last. This has no precedence, in the past this has not fluctuated this much and I am warning you now that I believe this will stay due to the recent political change.  This price increase will be implemented by the end of the second week of June.

Many other manufacturers have had to reevaluate their products’ pricing due to covid restrictions and limited cargo ship space. These prices will be changing over the next 4 to 6 weeks. As I know more, I will be posting what I hear.

Due to the restrictions of much of the pre-stretched canvas and stretcher bar manufacturers, I expect this increase to happen across all other manufacturers. A suggestion would be to paint on panels more often. The use of resin at this time has not been triggering into hyperinflation as much as the raw lumber costs have been. Jack Richeson has also confirmed the costs of items will be going up especially in the wood/lumber areas.

Fredrix Pre-stretched canvas is presently 40% off on the sales floor, this is off a MSRP that is based off the cost of the product. Buy now to save in the future. ——–Keith Kendall, The Art Store

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