Art Insider Reminder – There is only 1 day left to STICK IT!


Every year the Art Store is taxed on the items that do not sell by the end of the year. Is this double taxation? Triple taxation?

To encourage this from not happening on some items each year, we host a store-wide 25% off the MSRP of all non-promotional items during the end of each year. This promotion is on all the items you are purchasing during these promotional days. No coupons are accepted at this time but this 25% off the MSRP promotion encompasses all the items you may be purchasing.

This year this sale runs from Monday (the 26th of December) to Saturday (the 31st of December).

Of course, its the best time to use your gift certificates!

This year, this promotion is also applicable the clearance items that are already on a discounted price. Some are already at 50% off already!

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