Art Insider Extra – January Class Updates

For January, the Art Store is hosting many classes for your enjoyment. Many have maxed for the new year!

The following classes are a go:

Monday’s Morning Introductory Painting

This class is restarting on the 9th of January due to the light attendance for a class right after the New Years. We will see you then!

Tuesday’s Morning and Afternoon Pastel classes

Yes! This afternoon class has maxed and enough fellow students are attending for January for us to offer two time slots. Each attending student has been called to be informed of the time slot that is reserved for you for January.  There is now plenty of room for any other fellow attendees. Please call ahead to make sure if the room is available on the morning or afternoon time slot.

Saturday’s Sculpture Class Sessions

These single sessions are available for the month of January.

Sunday’s Introductory Watercolor Class

At this time, this class has maxed for January.

At times some students may cancel during the few days preceding the start of any class. If you wish to be added to the waiting list for January’s class or a future class please email or phone us at 928-443-0749.

The rest of the schedule of classes can be found here. The Drawing II Class & Experience! Class is still being offered for January but does not have the required students to allow these to proceed. If these classes will be allowed to proceed or be cancelled, we will announce either happening. If you wish to register for the classes above, you need to only click on the name of the class or visit our scheduler online.

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