Art Insider Extra – We’re Golden!

Artistic Insider June 2017 edition! - The Art Store

Recently we posted about a gold gesso coming back from Daniel Smith. This gesso had been discontinued (due to a mineral shortage) and is now being rereleased. This gesso will not be available to the retailers until February or March at the earliest. Daniel Smith has not even publicly released this on their site. As this product is received to our suppliers we will be posting about this availability.

However, we at the art store can order multiple colored gessos from our suppliers manufactured by Holbein from week to week. You can even order it yourself through our webstore. Yes. Even gold. See below to view more about Acryla Gesso from Holbein:

Holbein has created a unique and versatile product for the decorative and fine artist. It can be used as a traditional underpainting on all surfaces, including paper, cloth, many canvases, wood, stone, and primed metal. It also acts as an extremely opaque and ultra-matte finish acrylic paint medium. Finally, it’s a fantastic acrylic paint.

Holbein Colored Gesso is highly pigmented, with an extremely smooth texture. It can be mixed with any acrylic paint or medium and finishes to a matte surface. It may be overpainted with water-based or oil-based colors or pastels. Available in a full spectrum of beautiful colors.

White, Coarse Texture — This gesso creates a surface with a fine sand texture.

White, Extra Coarse Texture — This gesso creates a surface with a rough sand surface.

White, Smooth Texture — This gesso creates a surface with an eggshell appearance and feel.

To order at that best price with no shipping costs (if you choose to have the product shipped to the Art Store on 6th St.), you can navigate our webstore to the page you see below by searching for “acryla gesso”.  To search our webstore, just click on the image below:


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