Art Insider Extra – Frame & I = Grand Champion!

The Frame & I competed recently in the Tru Vue’s “Frameable Moments” contest. One of the largest glass manufacturers in the nation held this competition to showcase their products within the framing industry. The Frame & I decided to focus on what has been a focus of our local community for some time now. The Hotshot 19 have been remembered by this framable moment and within the American people locally and nationally.

Brought to tears by this remembrance of the judges, they replied, “we didn’t expect such a profound design worthy of such an event. None of of us could view it without weeping.

Given the judges choice & grand champion, Francine Hackerott of the Frame & I won this year’s contest with the handcarved frame spotlighted by the pyramid of success built by our locally memorialized hotshots. The black and white photo below is of the now disassembled memorial wall that was at the Hotshot center on 6th Street in Prescott. The Frame & I are so proud of her amazing piece and the work she did!

So excited to have Francine as part of the design team and we are all excited for your further accomplishments!

To view this one of kind frame in person feel free to visit the Frame & I on Gurley St.




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