Art Insider – December Special Edition

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Wow, in 24 hours, I have been called a lot of names and shamed. Even asked to leave Prescott. Interesting to hear from longtime customers and told I am a horrible person. A lot of assumptions and accusations. Thank God I know I am not………..

I feel I should clear the air. I am not a Trumper. Nor a Biden Supporter. I am a Libertarian and a longtime resident to Prescott. Have been for 43 years. The “Lets Go Brandon” is an urging to the locals to stop trusting the authorities and be assertive in your own care.  On the surface, it is read as an attack on one man. The bigger picture is that it is a calling to us all to stop trusting blindly. Accept that the government, MSM, social media and lobbyists are trying their best to divide us.

Now that I have gotten so much hate mail and nasty comments from others, I think its time as citizens and artists we acknowledge that our local and state government has failed us. What have they done? Years of deceptions. Lack of assertiveness in protecting our locals. Myself losing most of my life to irresponsible government agencies by raising levels of the acceptable heavy metals to be able to build homes and take advantage of this community.

Many have asked me to keep politics out of business. When politics and money exchanging hands are affecting my community, I will be vocal.

I will keep to the subject that we all need to hear. Three days ago, our Prescott Courier announced that our local Prescott water is high in lead. Earlier in the year, it was announced it was high in arsenic. What do these two heavy metals do to us as citizens? They are toxins. You would be amazed. You may want to listen to the canary in the coal mine. One that has been in the mine for a very long time.

  1. It causes nutritional malabsorption. Leading to mental illness. Caused by a blistering digestive tract that stops accepting vitamin B1 and magnesium.
  2.  Extreme Joint Pain. To the point of symptoms of psoriatic arthritis and many other arthritises.
  3. Lymph System clogging and dysfunction leading to fibromyalgia symptoms, sleep disorders and migranes.
  4. Brain Fog, cognitive disreasoning, confusion complexes, emotional dysfunction and many other mental illnesses.
  5. Now the most important one……..immune system dysfunction. Which I hope you all can see is very important at this time.

Yes, we still have paint that contains lead as artists. It is a hazard but compared to the city water, it pales. Arsenic was taken out of the refining processes after found to be toxic to the environment.

To the ones who led with slurs and expletives, I hope you find peace in your life and try to question your authorities. Ask questions instead of assume and learn to love each other instead of continuing to listen to the powers that be that you should hate your neighbor for what they believe in or at least what you assume they do. Reach out to others and try to understand why another may be thinking the way they do.

As I was taught by my recently past mother, don’t judge others but better yourself. Encourage them to better them self and try to listen.

My question is for us artists, what will the city do? When the arsenic levels were found (high for 50 plus years by the way), nothing changed (told by the past mayor the levels are acceptable). Now lead has been found………the artists I know are passionate, some of your comments exemplified this. May I encourage you to take this passion and address it locally to benefit us all? I know its there……….I also know this community is far better than what I have recently experienced. I know it is………its why I am still here, cheering you all on.

Oh, by the way, the symptoms above all lead to negativity. Lashing out at others and lack of patience with others. All of which we need to have towards others so importantly at this time. I know………I experienced all of them. Interesting that removing the heavy metals and all the symptoms disappeared. Love returns, compassion returns……….the list continues.

Keith Kendall
Owner & Manager
The Art Store, LLC

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