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Stick it to the Man Begins!

Starting on the 27th of December, 2021, we will be selling all products from the sales floor at 25% off the listed prices. This is including the already clearance items and promotional items. This sale ends on the 4th of January. This is only to reduce the present inventory and allow the business to look forward to 2022. 


This 25% off is not on only one item, it is over the entire purchase. Large items, small items…….all of them! As many as is in stock. Its time to stock up as you never know what may be happening in the near future. This even before the hyperinflation price increases caused by the current economic decisions.

This discount does not stack with other discounts we offer. Coupons will not be allowed during this event.

The exhaust fan for the building will be on during this event. In the past, the sale was much shorter, to disperse the people, it is being held over more days. These decisions are being made for the best of the attendees. Please take care of yourself and choose wisely with your health.

A side note to my last post……….I encourage you all to stop being divided and learn to work towards the mutual main goals to benefit us all by researching the truths of this world and not just the spoon-fed information. Sit down with your neighbor. Especially ones you assume a lot about. You do not have to agree with them but you may get a better perspective on why they think the way they do. I have done this myself with some enlightenment and plan on doing so going forward with my life. Learning good boundaries does not mean to isolate, it means to be able to communicate in a healthy way.

In my opinion, our priorities should be local clean water, good edible food, efficient shelter and medical options.……..all of which the government is supposed to inform us truthfully (much I have found to be very untruthful during my healing recovery) and with options without shaming anybody who chooses their path of wellness. I cannot agree with the use of guilt and cohersion by any authority or threats to my wellbeing even by my community to myself or another within it. The personal choice by that person is theirs alone. Living through a near death experience brought on by the perceived governmental authorities has opened my eyes. That past condition I speak of, I discuss this with 15 plus locals (new and old residents) every week that has experienced the failure of our local medical system. Don’t get me wrong, there are good ones among us……..

Many have told me to leave politics out of my business, I did for many, many years. When government agencies willingly caused myself harm as well as my community, I choose to be vocal and let the arrows be thrown my way. We, artists have always been creative in how we see the world. As well as how we communicate the damages it does. Many of you have shook my hand for doing so. I thank you for doing so. I’m no hero, just tired of the hatred and invite you to be assertive in change as I have myself over these last 5 years – Keith Kendall, Owner & Manager, Prescott Art Store.

P.S. Remember, they only need to distract us from what they are doing, by dividing and isolating us as the image illustrates below:


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