Art Insider – 1st Annual Art Store Student & Employee Art Show

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A Call to our Past and Present Students

Our classes and workshops are suspended for December, the studio is available for our first annual student and employee art show.

The Art Store has hosted classes and workshops for over 20 years.  These tumultuous last two years has been the most creative in the arts for our generation. I’ve seen some beautiful work created during this time. I think its time to show the talents of the students and employees and what we they been working on.

So, if you were a student for 2020 to the present for any of our classes and workshops, we are asking to show your work for the community to see for these holidays. Anybody can learn to create art, when a community is depressed………its best to try to inspire everybody you can. – Keith Kendall, owner


The following guidelines for any art to be entered into this show:

  • The artist must be an employee to the store or have taken classes or a workshop from 2020 to 2021. Art did not need to be made in these years.
  • All art must be presentable and safe for showing. As well fill out the entry form by following this link: or come by the store to a get a physical copy.
  • If a watercolor, drawing, pastel and/or similar fragile flat format art, the art must be properly protected by framing (with mat if needed) and/or support board with polybag. If sealing (with fixative) the dry art material is not possible, proper framing with risers is required or your art may be damaged in transit. All framed pieces need to be ready to hang. This entails a hanging wire has been properly installed. All art not properly installed will be given the proper advice to hang their art safely.
  • If an acrylic and/or oil painting is on proper gallerywrap bars, no frame is needed but proper hanging wire is. A varnish is highly recommended for any possible scuff damage during the transport of any art. A painting on canvas with regular sized bars or panel are required to be framed. All framed pieces need to be ready to hang. This entails a hanging wire has been properly installed. All art not properly framed will be given the proper advice to hang their art safely for the show as well as your home.
  • All ceramics and sculpture need to be stable to a flat surface or your provided base or if hanging a properly secured hanger.

If you are wanting to sell your art during this show, each artist needs to provide the amount you wish to receive after the sale. The Art Store will be acting as a gallery during this time. Using the staff and payment methods to track the sale. If you are not trying to sell your art, then please note on your printed description it is not for sale or NFS (not for sale).

To benefit yourself, I strongly recommend having business cards or at least contact info to your studio. A short description of the art is also very beneficial.

Space is limited, not all entries we can accept. Possible entries will be accepted until the 9th of December. The show starts on the 11th of December. 


People’s Choice – $100.00 gift certificate from the store

Painting (including pastels) division – $50.00 gift certificate from the store

Sculpture division – $50.00 gift certificate from the store

Drawing Division – $25.00 gift certificate from the store

Final day of the show is the 4th of January, 2022. All art needs to be picked up by the 5th of January, 2022. Painting class restarts on the 6th of January, 2022.

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