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Coupon and deep discounts!

Its the holidays! Its time to give the gift of creativity.

AlM Graham paint oil acrylic watercolorl M.Graham paint at 40% off! Including all sets




All Fredrix prestretched canvas at 50% off! Including all yellow, blue, red and orange labels




The Art Store and the product shortages

The store has been doing well with the present situation. We chose years ago to offer mainly American made products and European made products. A distant third is Mexico. We did this to benefit our nation as much as possible. As well as offer high quality products and not ones that encourage failure in your art projects. In doing so, we have been able to weather a lot of the present labor in manufacturing and shipping as well as raw material shortages. To ensure a good holiday for the local community, if a popular item is being reordered, we have been ordering out the entire warehouse quantities. In turn, the store is highly stocked due to the weekly orders placed.

However, there are some unusual happenings in the business:

  • Golden Acrylic has not been able to manufacture any of their water-based acrylic varnishes. I believe its due to labor shortage and material shortage. The MSA varnishes have had no problems in the brush on or the sprays. As well as anthroquionone blue from Golden is on hold until a viable supplier of the pigment is found.
  • One-shot enamel used for sign painting and pinstriping has been unable to supply any basic colors due to the aluminum shortage as well as their mold is in China. Yes, you read that correctly, the paint is in the United States but the can production was done in China. OOOPS!
  • Posca markers have been short in inventory in the black and white smaller sizes.
  • Aquabee and Pentalic papers are no longer available to brick and mortar retailers. This will change shortly as warehouse space has been shared by Royal Langnickel to allow US distribution. We will keep you posted.
  • Holbein is only offered by one of the vendors due to limited warehouse space. Quantities vary from day to day.

Two of the major vendors closed their doors in 2019 (pre-covid). Amazon had become toxic competition that affected all small art stores across the nation. But we did get to see a rocket go into space as more and more small businesses failed in America, so there’s that. <EYEROLL>


The Den is Rocking!

After 20 months of expectation, The DEN is now open for your music enjoyment. They are also looking for an investor for the coffee house to be offered in the front lobby area. Please feel free to contact them through their website for show dates and investment opportunities.







A gift certificate is always the correct color, size and material!

To purchase a gift certificate from the store as a gift to another, you can do so by clicking on the “Dali” face of our website or clicking on the image above, stop by the store or call us over the phone.


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