Yarnell Community Center – Painting Group

The Yarnell Community Center Painting Group is holding another evening of fun and learning at the Yarnell Community Center and while it is a fund raiser for the Center, I will let you decide this time, what amount you would like to contribute to participate. Our suggested donation is $20., which is what we all paid last summer when we first did it. But find an amount that feels comfortable to you. I don’t want the cost of donation to keep anyone home.

There are two types of participants, 1. Individuals who know they love and enjoy painting or are wanting to move into painting on a regular basis. 2. Individuals who would like the fun of gathering informally with friends to play in the paint, have a glass of wine and see what happens.

The first group typically has their own equipment or is open to getting it. The second group is not into investing in paints and brushes but can buy a canvas board. Approximately $5.

For Group One, (those wanting to acquire their own materials) we will be using Graham Paints (on sale at The Art Store.) 1. Titanium White 2. Ultramarine Blue 3. Burnt Umber 4. Quinacridone Red 5. Cadmium Yellow Medium and 6. Cadmium Red Medium

The 3 brushes Bob Brandon would like us to have, are

  1. a small synthetic liner or riger, approximately a size 3.
  2. a medium round, approximately a size 6, and
  3. a small to medium flat, approximately a size 2 or 4.

I like a professional grade brush that I know will perform well and last for years with care. Long handles are nice, keeping you out of the paint.

For a Canvas Board, we are opting for the small size of 8×10, a professional grade.

Group Two, all I ask is you let me know that you want to participate and see yourself in group two. Then come. We ask you make a small donation for the Center and pay for a canvas board which I will provide as well as your paints.

I will have water cups, palettes and paper towels on hand for all. Be sure to wear clothes you won’t mind getting paint on.

Snacks… if you would like to contribute to the snack and or drinks table, that would be lovely, wine is allowed at the Center for this activity. I’ll have cups and plates and napkins.

Mostly come because it is a lot of fun, and we won’t ask you to pay for all the laughs; and remember to invite friends to join us.

Call or email me your questions!  The Yarnell Community Painting Group would like to know who is coming and which group they see themselves in. No we won’t ask you to sit with your group. But I’ll have a pkg for you if you are in group 2.

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