The Prescott Art Store now has readymade FRAMES

Designed to Work With 7/8″ and 1 1/2″ Cradles, 3/4″ Canvas and Flat Panels!

Floaterframe is the only do-it-yourself frame specifically designed for wood panels. Other frames on the market often damage the wood panel, are difficult to attach, and are rarely the correct profile. After years of receiving inquiries from artists struggling with existing frames, Ampersand focused on developing the perfect solution to frame artwork created on a wood cradled panel. Floaterframes are available in depths to fit 7/8″ and 1.5″ cradles. The 7/8″ depth models also accommodate 3/4″ canvas and flat panels!

Made with premium hardwood, the quality of floaterframe is immediately evident. Every detail has been designed and engineered to give you a simple, all-in-one framing solution that protects your artwork while giving it the finished look it richly deserves.

Wider Base, Deeper Rabbet, Countersunk Holes

The expanded frame base allows you to attach the artwork in the center of the panel cradle frame. This minimizes the damage to your artwork that can occur with conventional frames.

The deeper rabbet provides the perfect depth to position the face of your artwork just below the frame edge for 7/8” and 1½” profile artwork. This protects your artwork while displaying it at its best.

Pre-drilled countersunk holes ensure that your artwork attaches easily to the frame and allows it to hang flush against the wall.

So Easy to Use!

  • Everything you need to frame and hang your artwork is included! Each frame comes with wood screws, hanging hook, nail, 20 lb. hanging wire, bumper pads and small screw eyes. The 7/8″ depth models also include risers for flat panels, 3/4” panels and canvas.
  • Insert your artwork into the floaterframe using spacers to evenly align.
  • Attach your artwork to the frame with the screws provided. (Pre-drilling pilot holes is recommended)
  • Attach screw eyes, wire and hang!


  • Specifically designed by Ampersand for use with wood panels.
  • Great for flat panels, thin profile artwork and canvas too! (7/8″ depth only)
  • A complete solution with everything you need in one box. All mounting and hanging hardware included!
  • Easily accommodates artwork with profiles up to 7/8” and 1½”.
  • Available in Maple, Black and White finishes and in two elegant styles: a THIN ¼” defined face and a BOLD 3/8” dramatic face.
  • Available in a wide range of Frame Sizes:
    8×8   8×10   11×14   12×12   16×20
    6×6   9×12   10×10   12×16   18×24
    24×24   24×30   24×36 (Black, Bold Only)
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