The Art Store’s Kid’s Art Camp II is running & single sessions are available

TAS-Kids-Art-Camp-2015-027The second week of the Art Store’s Kid’s Camp will be running this week from the 15th to the 17th of July. We have decided to allow the first weeks of this camp to proceed with low attendance.

We feel that this camp is a benefit to the community in many ways. We believe a strong community has the kids staying busy during the summer. This is a way to inspire the youth to see the world differently and learn some new skills in the process.

At this time there are spaces available for more kids to attend. If you know of any kids that would enjoy this event, please contact us to discuss late registration with you. Single sessions (one session per day) are also available for $40.00 per session. Please call ahead to make sure there is space for your child during these camp days.

Please remember there are only one more camp happening in July. These camps are on our July class/workshop schedule found on our website here.

Sponsor a kid for the event by registering as “Little Leonardo da Prescott”  or “Little Mary Cassatt”.

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