The Art Store is Closed on Memorial Day

Memorial-Day-Vintage-Postcard-GraphicsFairy21The weekend may start on friday but the Art Store will be open this Saturday as well as Sunday the 24th of May. We will be closed on Monday the 25th of May to remember our nation and its fallen heroes.

You may want to take this time to express yourself about what this day means to you and what our country’s heroes have done for you and your family.

Don’t forget the George Phippen Memorial Art Show is this weekend.

Americana is Patriotic

Here is an idea for an art project to honor our heroes by:

Paint with a limited palette. Lets keep it patriotic: red, white, blue & a yellowy gold. Mix to the colors you may need in your secondary palette but let the strong primary colors come through.

Better yet, paint a patriotic graphic image like the one below

eafleEasy to do if you have:

The new resist pen from Molotow (or a pre-cut stencil in reverse).

A splatter brush.

Some butcher paper.

A roll of artist’s tape.

A roll of paper towels.

Some basic acrylic paint in your controlled palette.

Using either a canvas board of your size choice, marker on the resist to the reverse image to the edge of the basic shape of the eagle.

Mask off the remaining white area of the substrate with artist’s tape and butcher paper. Don’t forget to marker the eye and the bold line around the eagle’s edge. To add a more weathered look, splatter the resist fluid in abstract ways with a splatter brush. Now acrylic paint the flag with no fear of destroying your whites. Wiping with a damp cloth on the paint on the canvas as you go along to allow the canvas texture to come through. Whiter areas (less paint and more canvas) will look like highlights and darker areas (mix red and green together to make a neutral tint) will look like lows in the flag’s drapery effect. Remove the masking paper and the resist fluid making the bold line on the bottom of the bird’s shape. Do not remove the rest of the bold line of resist fluid until you have splatter streaked the halo of blue and the extension of feather tips. Use the splatter brush with blue and your mixed black on the bottom of the bird’s tail feathers to create visual weight.  Use either red or white (mixed with a little yellow) to extend the feather’s shapes. Once the paint has dried, remove the masking fluid and let the white through.

Varnish after it is completely dry.

 Words to Remember

patThis Memorial Day, reflect on what one of our great Americans once said about this country – “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it” -Mark Twain

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