Thank you and not forgotten…..

Thank you for reminding us these last two days that when lives are lost in the act of protecting others, that these heroes will not be forgotten. Many of our customers that stopped by on the 30th and the 1st of July received the 19% off their purchases in honor of the Prescott Hotshots. Some gracefully declined the discount to use the coupon they had already, but they did let us know, “I have not forgotten”. I hope that these materials will allow you to express the emotions that all of us have felt over the last two years.

Some have asked what the drawing used for this recent promotion was or symbolized for me, the artist. I was deeply moved by the use of the Hot Shot equipment and gear in a cross-like shape to symbolize the loss of life in action. These equipment crosses were built for the memorial in the Toyota Center. If you did not see this service, it can help with closure of this tragedy. Youtube hosts these videos at this time. The charcoal drawing was a preliminary design for a possible future bronze memorial placement. Due to circumstances beyond my control I had to attend to other responsibilities and was not able to pursue this design at the time for funding or public release. The one equipment cross was a detail of the overall design of 19 equipment crosses. Placement of these crosses would be decided upon by the powers that be. My extensive knowledge and experience of the monumental bronze process would have been used in making this memorial. I would still like to see this design come to life. If you would too, let me know what your thoughts may be on this subject. I store this drawing at the Frame & I for safekeeping until it will be framed. – Keith K.

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