Something new is coming to The Art Store

The Art Store, Prescott AZ

Screen Printing Supplies

Welcome to the first official blog post from The Art Store’s new website.  Over the past few weeks we’ve been working on a new website layout for our customers, and this post heralds the arrival of the new site.

We’ve added some pretty exciting features to our new website.  Probably one of the most exciting is our new events calendar.  Students can now view all of our upcoming classes and events, learn about the classes, and sign up directly online.  Of course, we still enjoy having you stop by the store to sign up for your next class, but if you can’t make it by you now have an easier way to keep up and register for a class.

In addition to the new events calendar, we’ve also made it easier for you to follow along with what is happening at The Art Store.  We have a new e-mail subscription that will deliver our latest announcements directly to your inbox.  The e-mails are formatted to be readable on standard computer screens, tablets, and smartphones.  We think that’s going to be a favorite feature for all of our customers who like to follow along with the latest news from The Art Store.

Finally, with our new flexible design website, we’ll be able to stylize the site even further over the next few weeks and months.  The site will be ever evolving with new information, an “Art Store Insiders” area with specials and announcements for our regular clients, and additional shopping options.  For the short term, our web store remains as it was with the original site, but we’ll be updating the appearance of that in the near future.

Stay tuned as more features will be announced in the near future.  And as always, we love to get feedback from our customers.  Feel free to drop us a note on our contact page.

Now onto the big fun.  A quick video tour through The Art Store’s new website!


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