Sennelier’s Abstract Acrylics are awesome, here’s why!

Sennelier Abstract Acrylic comes in 60 colors! Artist- and eco-friendly, portable packaging. Interchangeable nozzles. Totally squeezable! And the best part is you can get them all at your friendly, neighborhood Art Store in Prescott!

Sennelier’s new Abstract Acrylics are our new favorite entry level acrylic paint. You’ve got to try these out! Unlike student grade paint, these budget friendly acrylics have a high pigment load and hold their brushstrokes. No more faded looking colors and flat paint. Plus, the unique packaging allows for different nozzle tips to apply the paint straight out of the pack!

Check out all the marks you can make with these nozzles!

Bold, vibrant colors and thick texture make these hot new acrylics unique and versatile!

– The innovative packaging fits comfortably into your hand, and it’s much easier to use than conventional tubes. The pouch is so strong that you can take it with you wherever you go and, unlike a tube, it can stand up to pressure even if you accidentally step on it!

– The paint is better preserved because air can’t get inside the pouch. There’s less waste! You can use the paint completely: there is no waste and no air bubbles which may cause the paint to spill out.

– With abstract, there are no surprises when choosing a color .  The pouches have a transparent window that let you see the color you’re getting! There’s no difference between the color you can see from the outside of the pouch and the inside.


Watch abstracts in action in the video, below!

Easy to take along with you, squeezable and durable!

Stop by the Art Store in Prescott and check these babies out! We can’t wait to try out the iridescent colors, ourselves. We think they’d be a great addition to any acrylic artist’s palette!

While you’re at it, grab some canvas while it’s 40% off! You’ll need some to play with your new acrylics  😉




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