RGM Painting and Palette knives at The Art Store

RGM painting and palette knives are in stock at The Art Store!

Palette knife painting detail. Use the flats, tips and edges of your knives to make different shaped strokes.

These brand new knives have a lot going for them, from comfortable silicon grips to one-piece construction. Springy and comfortable in the grip, these knives will become your new favorites!


The RGM Plus line consists of over 250 different forms, is characterized by its extremely flexible blade and by a special electrolytic protection that optimizes the functionality of the palette knife and the spreadability of the color and makes it suitable for every need during painting.

Features: extremely flexible steel blade has a special electrolytic protection that improves the spread ability of colour and ensures long life to the palette knife. Ergonomic handle functional designed available with various types of wood, dark, olive wood or coloured rubber. Finally, the blade is securely attached to the handle with a ring of containment in polished brass.

Strengths: extremely flexible blade made with the experience of over 50 years, special electrolytic protection that optimizes the functionality of the palette knife, functional design, ergonomic handle with hole for display.

Idea Lightweight line

Lightweight stainless steel palette knives with bright finishing, rounded handle makes it easy to use. The flexibility and various shapes are suitable both for cake-designpainting or for use with chemical products. Springy blades and one piece construction make this a functional and desirable knife! Unlike other welded knives, this one doesn’t have a weak spot. The handles feel like holding fine cutlery. At the low price of $13.95 each these knives are a bargain to add to your painting collection! 

Buttery layers of color and spontaneous gesture surfaces when painting with a knife!

Palette Knife Painting Tips:

  • Try the tapered palette knife, which is strong yet flexible. It allows you to mix the paint thoroughly before applying. palette knife painting tips
  • Squeeze out the colors that you want to mix. For example, Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White, and knead them with the knife until completely mixed. There is no better way to mix colors.
  • The newly mixed  color can then be applied at will. Load-up one flat edge of  the knife and spread out the color to fill an entire area.
  • The larger the knife, the more area coverage.
  • The palette knife is also useful for details and expressive marks, like a tree trunk or branch.

Interested in learning more about Palette Knife painting? Stay tuned for our demo with esteemed local oil painter Russell Johnson. Coming up in October, 2018!



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