Results are in from our first Art Store Art Contest! and the winner is…

Results are in from our first Art Store Art Contest! and the winner is…

Congratulations to Patricia Piazza for her winning entry, Turquoise Tranquility; a colored pencil drawing!

We were impressed by Patricia’s expertise and control of her medium. Her artwork will be on display until March 14th at The Art Store! Patricia will also receive a prize grab bag for winning this month’s contest.

Results are in from our first Art Store Art Contest! and the winner is...

“Turquoise Tranquility” by Patricia Piazza, colored pencil

Here is a close up so you can see the fine details!

We want to thank everyone who entered artwork in our first ever contest! It’s exciting to share the work you’ve made with all of our customers! We hope you can enter next month’s contest!

Here’s a list of all of February’s contestants, with a picture of their work displayed for the first two weeks of February:

Bonnie Hayes
“Winter Shed”
Medium: Acrylic

Ronda Breen
“Tour de Prix”
Medium: Acrylic/ Chrome

Patti Meyerbird
“Teton 2 Holer”
Medium: Acrylic

Clyde Ewalt
Medium: Oil

Rob Bricker
“Ghost Ranch”
Medium: Watercolor

Patricia Piazza (Winner)
“Turquoise Tranquility”
Medium: Color Pencil

Results are in from our first Art Store Art Contest! and the winner is... Missed entering the contest in February? You can enter again in March! Bring in your work, total size 11″ x 14″ or smaller, between March 1st and March 14th to be entered in the competition. Limited to the first 15 entries! If you’ve already entered you will need to enter a new work.

Flex your creative muscles and show your work at The Art Store! For the first two weeks of the month while accepting submissions, we’ll hang all of the contestants’ work behind our counter. The winner, selected by us, will have their art featured prominently at The Art Store for a month!

We’ll also announce the winner and feature their winning artwork in our regular email blasts, on our Instagram and our Facebook pages.

Bring your work in starting March 1st. The deadline is March 14th. Read on for the rules… and come show off your work!

Rules and guidelines:

Submissions must be no larger than 11″ X 14″
We will only accept the first 15 submissions each month
We start accepting the first of each month, and all submissions must be in by the 14th of each month
Must be ready to hang! Art that isn’t ready to hang will not be accepted.  No adult content. We’re a family friendly store 🙂

Art that lacks appropriate protection will not be shown. For example, no loose pastels, no wet paint, no push pins, no paper items without protective covering.

Artists must be willing to give permission for us to share their work on our website, blog and social media pages. Proper credit will be given to the artists at all times.

Submit all work at The Art Store, 537 N. 6th St. Prescott.

Questions? Call 928.443.0749  or email at

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