Reminder: June’s Two-Day Painting Workshop w/Robert Knudson

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June 1st & 2nd (Wednesday & Thursday), 9:30 to 12:30, (one hour lunch), 1:30 to 5:00PM

Description: Robert Knudson, teacher, professional artist has offered to share his collective knowledge that he has attained during his continuing successful career as a professional Artist for over 50 years.

Painting Workshop – Easy Ways to Successful Painting

Need to figure out how atmospheric lighting works? Why one composition can be more successful than another? What color palette is best for your chosen landscape?

This workshop will focus on the following:

  • Achieving good painting
  • The simplicities & joys of oil paints.
  • Taking the mystery out of color mixing
  • Effective use of light and shade
  • Building good pictorial composition
  • Creative use of your brushes

The instructor’s focus will be on one on one instruction with painting a successful painting.

Mr. Knudson believes light defines drama and contrast.  It can parallel life, able to highlight many thoughts about principles of change, survival & eternality.  Light also can set the mood, the dynamic to any moment on the landscape, and can suggest a grand theme.  For Robert, “It’s this that makes me grab my brushes, makes me paint.”

Mr. Knudson will also be giving away one of his small paintings during the 2nd day of the workshop. Each attendee will be registered for a drawing to win this undisclosed painting.

Join us for this two-day workshop in June.  Cost is $250.00 per student for 12 hours of instruction over two days.

Ages 16+.  **Minimum: 8 students and Maximum: 10 students

Please remember to register at least three days prior to the start of this workshop!  You can also request to be added to our courtesy call list on any material workshop or class you wish to be contacted for by emailing us here or calling us at 928-443-0749.

Robert Knudson, instructor. Materials extra.

Mr. Knudson’s artwork can be found in many collections across the United States. His portfolio can be found here. Robert Knudson’s newest’s work can be viewed at the Frame & I in Prescott, Arizona.

To register for this June workshop, please contact us by phone at 928-443-0749.  Or reserve your space online by clicking the button below. This workshop is an event for the store and will not be repeated from month to month. Request our staff to add you to our courtesy contact list.

Mr. Knudson is one of the most requested instructors in our area. I would plan on registering early for this workshop due to his popularity.

The required supply list can be found here.

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