Product Spotlight, plus Pink Sticker Sale!

Pink Sticker Sale! 25% – 40% off art supplies with HOT pink stickers!

We’re in the PINK! Come on down to the Art Store at 537 6th St, Prescott, AZ…  Look for the pink stickered items throughout the store and save! Scroll down to learn about what’s been pinked for promotion!

Product Spotlight, plus Pink Sticker Sale!

What does a pink sticker mean?

Visit the store and seek out our pink sale stickers – They’re everywhere! We have them on some specific items, listed below… but they are also on many surprise items. Scour the isles for the best deals you can find, and get in the pink!

Sale runs September 18th through October 20th, 2017.  Many items are “while supplies last”, so don’t wait to come in!

Everybody’s eligible for this sale, except maybe this guy?….

This Artist Is the Only Person Banned From Using the World’s Pinkest Pink

It’s a brightly colored revenge for restricting the world’s blackest black

Anish Kapoor has long been known for his large-scale, intensely colored artworks, but his penchant for being proprietary has long irked others in the art world.

What’s in the pink?  Special pink pricing on select Canson and Strathmore Sketch pads and journals.

strathmore paper

About Strathmore Sketch: Sketch Paper is a lighter weight paper that is great for experimentation and practicing techniques. 300 Series is a quality paper for the student and beginning artist at an economical price. 400 Series, 400 Series Recycled and WindpowerTM Series are superior sheets with a harder surface making it a great choice for the advanced artist.

About Canson Sketch:

This paper features a fine texture and versatile surface for a variety of dry media. This paper has excellent erasability and is smudge resistant. The pads are constructed with durable double wire, and the sheets are micro perforated and true size. Only sold in North America

Select Casein paint sets, Pastel sets, Pencil sets get in the pink too!


About Casein paint: Casein (kay’seen) is a quick-drying, aqueous medium using a milk-based binding agent, and is one of the most durable mediums known to man. Nine thousand year old casein cave paintings have been discovered in Asia, and later, the medium was used by Byzantine, Roman and Renaissance artists including the Old Masters.  Click here for the full story…

Richeson Casein Colors are fast-drying, reworkable water-soluble paints. Caseins are great for underpainting and work with oils!

Fredrix Prestretched Canvas 25% off! Red, Blue, Green label and Pro series. We inspect each one, so you get great quality, every time!
Fredrix canvas


About Fredrix Canvas:

Fredrix® Red label Canvas features superior quality, medium texture, 100% cotton duck canvas. it is double-primed with acid-free acrylic gesso for use with oil or acrylic painting

Fredrix Ultra Smooth Blue Label pre-stretched canvas is made of superior quality medium weight blended PolyFlax/ cotton duck with fine texture for use with oils or acrylic paints. Ideal for portraits and other fine detail work. It is triple primed with acid free acrylic gesso. The canvas is stapled onto the back of standard stretcher bars. Paint on all four edges and hang it with or without a frame.

The Pro Series 12oz Dixie is our finest pre-stretched cotton duck canvas for professional painters that features our world famous Dixie canvas. Stretched on kiln dried stretcher bars in standard, gallerywrap and deep styles, the Pro Series 12oz Dixie is a versatile option for work in oil, acrylics and alkyds.

New Mexico Clay Ceramic Cashmere cone 6 – 25% off! We have an abundance of this clay~ come help us free up some space!

About Cashmere: A smooth cream white throwable porcelain type of the b-mix clays. It’s not a true porcelain like Pecos, because it contains a white ball clay.

Our NEW Princeton Neptune watercolor and multi purpose Velvetouch brushes are 25% off! These have been very popular since we got them. Come see why!

About Neptune: When we set out to create a synthetic version of squirrel, we developed a brush that may actually outperform the natural version. Neptune™ is our softest and thirstiest synthetic brush, delivering oceans of color. Experts in natural hair have been incredulous that this is actually synthetic. We are proud to offer Neptune™ in a beautiful range of shapes including mottlers and quills with rich wood tones and sea glass aquarelle handles.


About Velvetouch: Velvetouch™ is comprised of a multiple-filament, luxury synthetic blend for excellent color-holding capacity, precision tapering and resilient spring. The blend of synthetic is unique to each individual shape to ensure maximum performance. Comfort is ensured with our smooth, signature Velvetouch™ handle.

Come get pink with us!!!


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