Knudson’s The Next Step Workshop Supply List

The students are to follow this provided supply list:

Student choices for paint: Professional Grade Oils

    • Titanium White (PW6)
    • Cadmium Yellow medium (PY35)
    • Cadmium Red Medium (PR108)
    • Cadmium Orange (PO20)
    • Ultramarine Blue (PB29)
    • Quinacridone Rose (PV19) 

      Any professional grade paint will be acceptable if the pigment numbers above are matched. Do not match the name of the color on the tube. Manufacturers will not use the same name for each color.

Instructor is recommending paints in order of favor:

 Oils: Gamblin, Gamblin Fast Matte (Fast Drying), Jack Richeson, Graham, Aqua Duo and Winsor Newton.

All alkyd users can mix in the Graham Walnut Alkyd Oil if needed. If pre-mixed is required then Gamblin’s Fastmatte is recommended. If your needed color is not in stock, special orders can be received in about 6 – 8 days with no shipping costs.

Additional supplies needed:

    • 12×16 or larger Pallete (plastic, wooden or disposable- student’s choice)
    • Solvents 16oz or larger container of Gamsol, Turpenoid or mineral spirits for brush cleaning
    • One or more 10oz. or more container with airtight lid (for solvents)
    • Mixing Palette knife (approximately 3″ in length and diamond-shaped) Richeson #500818 is recommended or any comparable size and shape
    • Gessobord, gessoed hardboard or archival canvas boards:
      (2) 8x10s & (1) 9×12
    • One Roll of Paper Towels
    • Sketchbook (6″x9″ to 9″x12″)
    • Artist Grade Pencil 6B (or small graphite pencil set)
    • Notebook & Writing Pen
    • Photos of Landscapes that you may want to paint (8 to 10 to choose from)

      Artist’s Brushes:
    • (1) #8 Flat, Bristlon brush 1901 Series
    • (1) #10 Flat, Bristlon brush 19010 Series

      Please remember that there is no regulation on brush sizes. It is the shape and approximate size that the instructor wants.

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