NEW Richeson hand rolled pastels, pastel supplies at The Art Store!

Richeson hand rolled pastels, pastel supplies at The Art Store!

Richeson Handrolled Soft Pastels offer luxurious texture and incredibly rich colors in an innovative size suitable for studio or plein air work. The first whisper of a stroke on your surface will be enough to convince you that our pastel artisans have achieved what many have reached for, but few have attained: a professional quality, pigment-rich soft pastel at an affordable price point. Come check out our NEW Richeson hand rolled pastels, pastel supplies at The Art Store!

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Richeson hand rolled pastels, pastel supplies at The Art Store!

Our carefully crafted 500+ color range has been divided into creative color sets to meet every artistic need.

Professional Artist Colors

  • Luxurious texture and incredibly rich colors
  • Buttery Soft
  • No need to break pastel for workable size
  • 500+ color range
  • Specialty Sets for: Portrait, Landscape, Nocturne, Color Wheel, Floral, Fur & Feathers, Value Spectrum and Colors

What will YOU create with pastels like these?

Grand Canyon 10 by illustriously renowned Prescott artist, Don Rantz (who also instructs pastel painting here in Prescott!)

Your purchase will enter you to WIN a set of Richeson Hand Rolled Pastels!!!!

Simply buy $20 or more of Richeson Handrolled pastels and be entered in a contest to when a 20 piece primary set! Winner will be chosen Tuesday, May 1st.

Value Spectrum Sets

Discover Richeson’s Value Spectrum sets! The basic color divisions are separated into values, from 1 (darkest darks) to 10 (lightest lights). Instructors will quickly find these sets are essential in transitioning students’ cognitive understanding of values to practical application. Artists working “en plein air” will appreciate having dark, middle and light value sets at the ready, helping to overcome the challenges of differentiating values in sunlight. In the studio, the Value Spectrum sets allow the artist to focus on color temperature transitions because the value matching has already been done.

Richeson hand rolled pastels, pastel supplies at The Art Store!

So… Many… Colors!

First Look at Jack Richeson Handmade Soft Pastels – review by Karen Margulis

‘On a Gray Day’        5×7        pastel        ©Karen Margulis

I love hidden treasure. That’s what happens when you get busy and things get hidden under piles of stuff. Today I was looking for something when I found a stash of Jack Richeson pastels that I had purchased at the IAPS convention in June. They were giving away samples but the colors were so luscious that I bought about 20 more. I chose some greens that I thought I could use as well as some bright ‘spice’ colors.

This post isn’t a complete review of these pastels since I didn’t do a full test. I only pulled out this collection of greens because I knew they would be perfect for the little study I was working on.

Jack Richeson Handmade Soft Pastels

My intention was to use these pastels as spices….that is the final marks on a painting. After my brief use today I think they will be great in this role.
The size is perfect. They are round and about 1 1/2 inches long. This is the perfect ‘brush’ size. Not to big and not too small.  They are firm and not at all crumbly. I pressed hard and the pastel stayed intact and didn’t break.

They go on soft. Even though they aren’t crumbly they are soft enough to leave a nice amount of pigment. My first impression is that they are on the ‘buttery’ side which means they feel soft and a bit creamy. I will test them some more to see if this first impression is accurate.

The colors are wonderful. They were all on display like a wonderful candy store.  I couldn’t resist choosing a bunch of them. These will come in handy for traveling with a few extra spices!It is a good time to buy some to try for yourself!

*(And lucky you, you can buy them right here in Prescott at The Art Store!) -mgt

We carry a full line of pastel painting and drawing supplies at The Art Store. These are the things you need for your next creation!

Here’s a list of just some of what we carry in stock!

  • Pastel Pencils
  • Drawing Boards
  • Fixative in student and archival grades
  • Canson papers, including pads and Mi-tientes sheets
  • Pan Pastels
  • Watersoluable Pastels by Caran D’ache
  • Lobo easels for working upright or flat!
  • Sanded Paper
  • Pastelbord
  • Art Drawing and Drafting Tables
  • Oil Pastels

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Portrait of Vincent Van Gogh by Henri Toulouse-Lautrec in pastel.

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