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Inspiring to say the least

The Art Store has arrived in Denver!

The annual national art material convention is running right now. Ida and Keith Kendall (owners of the Frame & I and the Art Store) are representing and keeping up to date with what is new and hot!

This year we thought you might want to see the play by play of what is hot this year. What we are also changing in the Art Store in the near future. Hey everybody wants to see behind the scenes……



Day One


Holbein Watercolors are HOT! A professional watercolor that works great for illustrators and gives the user absolute control of how the watercolor disperses through the paper. In 2015, we are reducing the offerings of our Winsor & Newton rack to make room for a painter’s dream in watercolors. What’s the difference? See below for the details. I was able to meet the general manager today and place the order for the store on the sales floor.

Holbein Artists’ Watercolor cobalt blue holbein

Much of the incomparable, world-wide reputation that Holbein enjoys is due to the exceptional quality of their Artist Watercolor. Originally introduced in the early 1920’s and now available in 108 highly concentrated colors, Holbein Artist Watercolor is a European style transparent watercolor which preserves the brush handling qualities inherent in Japanese watercolor techniques.

holbein example
More finely ground than any other artist watercolor, Holbein Artist Watercolor is produced without ox-gall, animal by-products or other dispersing agents. This affords the user greater control in the dispersal of their pigments, enhances handling qualities and delivers color of unequaled intensity, purity and reliability for brilliant transparent washes and/or powerful, clean darks.

Holbein Artist Watercolor is available in two formats, in tubes (5 ml and 15 ml) or in a limited range of half pans. Holbein Artist Watercolor is specifically designed to rewet instantly and not deteriorate in the tube, pan or palette.

Holbein Artist Watercolor is the standard by which all others are measured against.

Daniel smith logo

Daniel Smith Watercolors have been on our sales floor for years.

This year they are making small affordable sets of their professional watercolor to encourage some experimenting. The essential and the genuine set is approachable and allows any of us to play a little. This is including their genuine mineral sets that have amazing sedimentary effects. Yes, we plan on getting these sets in the near future.


The paperweights on top are the exact minerals used in their paint.

genuine daniel smith

Just some examples of the genuine line from Daniel Smith







Awesome Chinese Metallic Inks

metallic ink

Sorry for the image quality……..they only had a sales sheet to announce the ink.

This sumi/chinese ink dries with the metal rising to the top of the ink so it naturally makes a black underpainting.  It was released at the convention……not even the suppliers have this yet. We will announce when it arrives at our store.

Yasutomo also makes a lot of interesting origami papers. Yea yea……you’ve played with paper before but at conventions, creativity is inspiring to others from booth to booth. The designers may have been busy demoing the new metallic sumi ink (which is awesome!), but I noticed this cool little project behind them. Origami is usually presented in its 3-d form, it is a sculptural media of course. What about if you painted a background for your origami and used this as a way to present your subject matter? Voila!

2015041butterfly origami5_145129_resized

Use Your Imagination…….

A great decorative project for your home, your friend or office.


The leader of all creative dye manufacturers has released a way to refresh those old jeans.

Green_and_Pink-2pack_smJeanie is a no-mess, easy-to-use dye that breathes new life into old denim. It comes in a dissolvable packet, making the dyeing process easier than ever before: simply drop the packet in your washer, add your fabric and run the hottest cycle. Your blue jeans will never be blue again!

Every dyed jean color/shade is unique!!

Overdye color & shade will vary depending on original jeans color. Full color will be most apparent on the lightest parts of the jeans, while minimal color will appear on the darkest parts.


They also released some approachable kits for their products we carry.





They released some really cool kits with mixed media in mind.

Mixed Media with Vitrail

Mixed Media with Vitrail and Gede’


Oh yes there is a theme to this convention. I don't think this stencil is 100% natural though.

Oh yes there is a theme to this convention. I don’t think this stencil is 100% natural though.

End of Day One

Next Up? Molotow and Gamblin

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