Mixed Media Collage – Experience! – Class Supply List

Supplies for each student to bring:


  • Four (4) sheets of Montval Acrylic Paper, 185lb, 19×25”
  • Aquabee Super Deluxe sketch book, 6”x4” or larger (or available equivalent mixed media sketchbook)


  • A Flat and Round medium size brushes – inexpensive ok, short or long handle, natural or synthetic made for water-media
  • Eye dropper, Needle-point or fine/small tip squeeze bottle (or available equivalent)
  • Spatterbrush or Firm Bristle Tooth brush
  • Spray mister/atomizer – small to medium size
  • 1” or wider low-tac tape – artist’s or blue tape
  • Scissors (small and pointed for close detail work recommended)
  • Flexible palette knife (approx. 1 ½” / 2” long, diamond shape with rounded tip)
  • Large-mouth pint size plastic water container for rinsing brushes/tools

Media & Mediums:

  • Regular or soft acrylic gel medium – semi-gloss or gloss, 8oz or larger
  • Gouache – zinc white, 15ml or larger
  • Highflow Acrylic – one or more, any color/value*
  • FW ink – one or more, any color/value*
  • Ink (dye or pigment based are ok) 1oz or larger – one or more, any color/value*
  • Water-soluble media (pencil/cube/stick ok) – one or more, graphite or color*
  • Artist’s Colored pencil – one or more, any color/value*
  • Oil pastel stick – one or more, any color/value*
  • Dry pastel stick – one or more, any color/value*
  • Interference color acrylic (highflow, fluid or heavy body ok) – any color*
  • Micaceous Iron Oxide acrylic, (fluid or heavy body) 1oz or larger
  • Clear Wax based stick for resist techniques – any suitable such as encaustic wax, beeswax, or a candle.

(*We’ll be mixing media in our artworks. Select colors/values that you’ll enjoy using and will work together.)

Collection of Paper/Elements for collage (start collecting if you aren’t already doing it.) For class bring a collection of elements that work with your chosen palette (see palette options).

  • 20+ pages from magazines/books. Don’t overthink this. Look for pages that have a visual or emotional appeal to you. Think in categories: images, colors, patterns, geometrics, graphs/charts, calculations, anatomy, diagrams, etc (Both the Library and the DAV Thrift Store have good selections of used magazines and books at super cheap prices.)
  • paper ephemera – ticket stubs, library book check-out pockets, receipts, letters, bills, RX prescriptions, hand written notes, etc
  • decorative paper – one or more sheets open source


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